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Transportation information for the 2024-25 school year will be updated soon.

Private Bus Service 2023-2024

The following is a summary of the proposed bus service for the 2023-2024 school year. We will determine the exact times, and stops based on the demand for this service. The routes, vehicle size, and costs associated are based on the number of students who register for the program. Morning departure from the first stop is around 6:10 a.m. with an arrival time of about 7:15 a.m. to Malden Catholic. Our Transportation provider is currently working with limited vehicles and drivers so all routes are subject to change. The proposed routes are listed below. 

Van Route (A):

6:00 am - Wilmington Plaza, 35 LOWELL ST, WILMINGTON

6:40 am - Water Tower, PARK CIRCLE, ARLINGTON

7:10 am – Malden Catholic

Bus Route (B):

6:10 am St. Joseph Church (FRONT Entrance) 173 ALBION ST WAKEFIELD                               

6:20 am – St.  Patrick’s School 20 Pleasant St, STONEHAM                            

6:35 am - Woburn Bowl 32 Montvale Ave, WOBURN                                       

6: 55 am – Winthrop St and Playstead Corner, Medford (in front of The Supreme Sacrifice,-71.1321106,172m/data=!3m1!1e3 )

7:00 am – Corner of Summit RD and Lawrence RD, MEDFORD MA             

7: 20 am - MALDEN TRAIN STATION (West Side Driveway (side with parking lot))

Van Route (C): 

6:20 am - Vinnin Square Plaza, Salem

6:40 am - OLA Rectory, 17 Grove St, Lynnfield

7:00 am – Malden Catholic

Departing Routes: The afternoon school buses will leave Malden Catholic at 5:15 p.m. The routes will run in reverse from the morning schedule

Please note that the bus schedule does not change for early dismissals or late starts. The only time we alter the schedule is for finals week. So a snow delay would only be for school hours, the buses will still run on normal schedules, there will be people at the school when the buses arrive.

The cost of the private service is as follows: (subject to change based on registrations)

- $1600 per student for the full year, round trip

- $800 per student for the full year, morning only ($400 per semester)

- $800 per student for the full year, afternoon only ($400 per semester)

(Please note that Malden Catholic covers over 50% of the total costs to run this program in order to keep the above pricing structure lower for our families.)

Seats offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. Some bus stops may not be able to run if we do not have enough riders.

 Public Transportation

There are several MBTA buses that pass within easy walking distance of Malden Catholic High School. Please see for complete route information.

  • Take a Linden or Maplewood bus (106, 108, 411) to Maplewood Square (ask driver) and walk down Maplewood Street to Malden Catholic (five minute walk from bus stop).
  • Take the bus marked 109 Linden Square via Broadway Plaza. Get off the bus at Broadway Plaza. Walk through the plaza by the Supermarket. Malden Catholic is in the back of the row of stores straight ahead.

MBTA M7 and S-Cards

MC will offer MBTA M7 and S-Cards for students. If you would like to obtain an S-Card or M7 card, please email Mrs. Kelly Lane-Ferretti at  The card will be activated and ready for pick up at the front desk within 48 hours of your request.  M7 cards require payment in full of $300 for the school year before a card can be issued.  No payment is collected for the S cards.  S cards are self-funded.  Instructions on how to load money onto the S-Card will be included with your activated card.

More information can be found through this site: ttps://

Shuttle Service

Malden Catholic offers a free shuttle service from Malden Center Station every morning. Malden Station is a stop on both the orange line and the Haverhill Commuter Rail line. The shuttle departs from Malden Station at 7:20 a.m. There is no charge for shuttle riders.