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Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities are a key part of the Malden Catholic experience. Being involved in clubs and activities allows students to explore and develop new interests, build solid friendships, and find creative outlets for a diversity of gifts and talents. Whether your interest is chess or chemistry, robotics or radio, short fiction or stock trades, you will be able to find at MC an activity that builds your creative, emotional, and social skills. See below for a list of the extracurricular activities currently offered at Malden Catholic:

30 Day Challenge Club

The Malden Catholic 30 Day Challenge Club is a student-run organization that promotes personal wellness by selecting challenges for members to commit to each day over a 30-day time span. Membership is open to all students!

Previous challenges have included:

- Push Up Challenge
- H2Only Challenge
- Consistent Creativity Challenge
- 30 Days of Positivity and Gratitude
- Vertical Jump Challenge
- Mindful Spending, Mindful Giving Challenge

Moderator: Mr. Alex Kissel

Admissions Ambassadors

Admissions Ambassadors represent Malden Catholic at our annual open houses and informational events in the fall. Responsibilities include acting as greeters, way-finders and, most importantly, tour guides for prospective families. The opportunity to be an Admissions Ambassador is open to all students in good academic and disciplinary standing.

Our Admissions Ambassadors program is coordinated by the Office of Admissions. Contact Mr. Matt O'Neil at to sign up.

Art Club

The Malden Catholic Art Club meets to create independent artwork, paint murals, and visit local museums. Yearly, students participate in the Scholastic Art Awards, the Vans Custom Culture contest, and the Poetry Slam poster contest. In the past, the club has visited the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the Institute of Contemporary Art, the Peabody Essex Museum, and the Diablo Glass Studio. Additionally, two members have been featured in the Marble Collection, a Massachusetts art publication, with one student’s art being chosen for the cover. The Malden Catholic Art Club is fully inclusive, welcoming all students interested in pursuing the visuals arts, regardless of artistic merits.

Moderator: Mr. Brian O'Donnell

Broadcast Media

The Broadcast Media Club is open to all students with an interest in videography and digital storytelling, and meets regularly to plan and execute projects that capture various aspects of school life. This club produces a quarterly newscast which is shared on our social media channels. New members are always welcome.

Moderator: Mr. John McCormack '15


Chemistry Club

The Malden Catholic Chemistry Club meets weekly to conduct experiments in the field of chemistry. Past field trips have included the Museum of Science and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Membership is open to all interested students of all grade levels.

Moderator: Dr. Diane Perito

Chess Club

Malden Catholic is a member of the North Shore Interscholastic Chess League, which competes annually from November to March. The Chess Club enables students to develop their talents and represent MC in a competitive and enjoyable activity. A typical regular season schedule consists of 8 matches against league and non-league opponents with 5 to 10 students from each school playing in a match. Furthermore, each student is ranked according to his playing ability; and therefore, he plays opponents of similar ability. Students are also welcome to take part in Chess Club informally, without taking on the commitment required for the competitive team.

Moderator: Mr. David Milliern

Comicon Club

Open to all interested comic, movie, and science fiction fans, MC ComiCon meets several times each month to discuss topical issues in the world of ComiCon, and hosts monthly film screenings. The time commitment is low and new members are always welcome!

Moderator: Mr. Eamonn Casey '94

Crystal 99 Newspaper

2017-2018 Editions

April 2018 (Onion- Fake News)
March 2018
December 2017
November 2017

About the Paper

The Crystal 99 is Malden Catholic's student newspaper. Written and published by an all-student staff, it aims to shed light on the life of the Malden Catholic community through independent reporting, breaking news, and student opinion. The paper is not only a source of information to the school, but also a way for students to voice their opinion to the whole community.

The Crystal 99 is published four to five times a year.

Mr. Chris Cleary

Getting Involved

Interested in becoming a reporter? Have skills as an photographer, artist, or designer? Want to improve your skills with professional-level programs such as Adobe Indesign© and Photoshop©? The Crystal 99 is open to any and all student volunteers looking to use or improve their writing, technical skills, or journalism.

To get started, send an email to, speak to one of the editors, or our faculty advisers.

Students are also invited to attend meetings for the Crystal 99, every Monday after school in the Learning Commons Conference room.


Writer, reporters, photographers, and artists are asked to ensure that deadlines are met and article assignments are in on time. All articles and other media can be sent to the following address:

If you have any questions, please contact your editor or faculty advisers.

Crystal Radio

“To Educate, Involve, Inform, and Enjoy”

Crystal Radio serves the Malden Catholic community by providing timely, entertaining, and thought-provoking information and point-of-view to listeners of the Club’s podcasts. Membership is open to all students!

Members meet regularly to:

  • Develop communication skills
  • Use technology to communicate
  • Educate others about Malden Catholic life and events
  • Promote thoughtful discussion about topics ranging from sports, to politics, to personal profile

Moderator: Brother Thomas Puccio, CFX

Habitat for Humanity (MC Chapter)

Habitat for Humanity is a nationwide and international effort to provide affordable housing for all. Along with their enthusiasm and skills, students work to dramatically change a family's life. Volunteering to aid in building new houses has many long term effects. It helps to break the cycle of poverty and provides stability and security. Working as a team, our students, moderators and parent vounteers put into action their concerns for others in the community. MC Habitat encourages volunteers and welcomes supporters from the Malden Catholic family.


Mrs. Jeanne Lynch-Galvin

Lancer Buddies

Lancer Buddies is an organization of MC students interested in volunteering their time in service to children with special needs. Students attend the monthly Lancer Buddies socials at the Yeuell School/SEEM Collaborative in Wakefield and assist in the supper service for current and former Yeuell School student dance attendees. The Yeuell School provides quality-driven, affordable educational programs and services to school-aged students whose needs are so unique that local special education teams have determined their needs cannot be met by local school districts. Projects are ongoing, and membership is open to all students!

Lancer Drama

Lancers Drama is an extra-curricular club that brings students together in the spirit of arts and performance. Students not only get an opportunity to act on stage, but to meet new friends and peers. It also offers the chance to grow in several skills, such as public speaking, self-confidence, construction and organizational abilities as well as other talents.

Our normal performance schedule includes three shows: a fall production in early December, the State Drama Festival sponsored by the Mass. Educational Theatre Guild throughout the month of March, and a student-directed production in May.

Each rehearsal period is viewed by the director and club members as a mini-workshop in play production, with the teaching/learning of acting techniques, character development, production values, design issues and front-of-house/elements contributing to the creation of a theatrical experience that will go beyond the students involved to the entire Malden Catholic community and the world beyond. Think of Lancers’ Drama as a “studio-for-theatre”--similar to the medieval guilds--where creative students can work and grow together to learn and perfect their craft and then to share their masterpiece with each other and the whole community.


Lancers’ Drama is a very busy world and invites all to be a part of our exciting program.

Moderator: Ms. Ellen Keith



Lancer Unity

The Lancer Unity Club supports MC students by reinforcing the values of openness, compassion, and justice within our community. In addition to meeting for regular conversation, Lancer Unity promotes activities designed to reduce stereotyping of, and discrimination against, persons of same-sex orientation. By choosing to be “upstanders” instead of bystanders, we work to end stereotyping and discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender, race, or class. The Lancer Unity Club is a welcoming community, open to students of all backgrounds.

Moderator: Dr. Stephen Baccari 


Lancers-in-Action was started in March 2002 in order to introduce a student-run organization into the MC community that would focus on improving several aspects of school life: community, spiritual life, and service. LIA's goal is to improve upon all of these areas in many different ways. Lancers-in-Action is a working group which works for and in conjunction with the Campus Ministry Team. Through Lancers-in-Action, Malden Catholic Campus Ministry encourages many types of charitable works. We believe our students should have sensitivity to the sufferings of others, especially the less fortunate. This is accomplished by unselfishly working for justice. Membership is open to all students of any grade level.

Moderator: Dr. Stephen Baccari

Lancer Short Story Club

The Lancer Short Story Club is a group of students and inter-departmental faculty who meet regularly over breakfast or afternoon snacks to discuss selected short stories, which range from 19th-century classics to works by contemporary authors. New members are always welcome! Stories can be picked up at the circulation desk in the Learning Commons.

Previous authors discussed have included:
  • Sherwood Anderson
  • Ray Bradbury
  • Truman Capote
  • Raymond Carver
  • F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • Nathaniel Hawthorne
  • James Joyce
  • Steven Millhauser
  • Flannery O'Connor
  • James Thurber
  • Tobias Wolff

Math Team

The Math Team has about a dozen meets during the course of the academic year, six of which are meets for the New England Mathematics League (NEML). The team participates in the league that sponsors the meets between some 190 High Schools throughout New England. Team members receive a mail packet containing the individual contests (six per year). Students in all of the participating schools take these 6 problem contests on the same day (a designated Tuesday each month) and scores of the top five students are forwarded to the league. Membership is open to all interested students.

Moderator:  David Milliern

MC Rock Project

The MC Rock Band is a band that rehearses and performs both cover and original music, generally in pop and rock genres, at school-sponsored events. Participation is on a try-out basis. Activities include song composition, playing well with others, and band branding and promotion. Generally at the end of the year, we will seek to record some of the original music the group has produced throughout the year.

Meetings fluctuate, but are generally semi-monthly.

Moderator: Mr. Alex Kissel

MC Strength & Conditioning

MC offers supervised strength & conditioning in each athletic season throughout the year in our newly renovated weight room. Training is provided by Mike Boyle's Strength & Conditioning. The strength & conditioning program meets the needs of student-athletes both in and out of season.

For more information, contact Athletic Director Bill Raycraft,

Mock Trial

MC's highly successful Mock Trial team competes annually the Massachusetts Bar Association Mock Trial Tournament. Each year the MBA runs a statewide high school mock trial tournament based on a set of case materials that the MBA publishes. Students study the case and then divide up into lawyers and witnesses to prepare each side of the case. Our school team competes against teams from other schools in trials that take place in real courtrooms before real judges.

Mock Trial is a competitive activity that simulates the Massachusetts Court System. The team consists of students, who begin meeting in November. Trials begin in January and continue through March. Each team will participate in at least three trials. The top team in each region advances to the playoff tournament. From there, a single elimination tournament results in a state champion being decided. The state winner earns the right to go to the National Mock Trial tournament. New members are always welcome, and are asked to make the organization their primary extra-curricular commitment for the winter season.

Moderator: Mr. Robert Gregory

Model Bridge

Malden Catholic particpates each year in the Model Bridge Competition held at Northeastern University. Year after year, Malden Catholic students have won medals for the design and/or total load capacity of their bridges. Club members meet twice weekly from October until the competition.

The Model Bridge Competition is a jointly sponsored event by the BSCES Infrastructure Group and the Massachusetts Pre-Engineering Program (MassPEP) in collaboration with the Massachusetts Highway Department (MassHighway). This contest aims to provide students with hands-on experience working closely with structural engineers. Students from middle and high schools, from Massachusetts and Rhode Island, dedicate months of thought and hard work to envision, understand, design, construct, and test their model bridges. Volunteers from BSCES, MassPEP, MassHighway, high school teachers, and consulting practicing engineers serve as student mentors, school coordinators and teachers, judges, and event organizers. These mentors work at the schools a minimum of two hours per week through the months of November and January to assist the students in conceptualize, design, and then construct a model bridge of the specified material. All the students, along with the mentors and school teachers, gather on a Saturday in early February for the judging and testing of the structures. Awards are presented for aesthetics and strength categories at an awards luncheon during Engineers Week.

Moderator: Mrs. Patricia Scialdoni

Model Congress

The Model Congress Club is one of the school’s most successful clubs in terms of participation and student achievement. The club involves between 20-30 students a year and that participation is open to students in all four grades. The program, modeled after the work of the United States Congress, runs several trips a year to college campuses along the eastern seaboard. These include Yale University in mid November, Harvard University in early March and the University of Pennsylvania (in lieu of Rutgers University) in late March. Each trip is made up of between 20-26 students who represent United States Congressmen, Senators, and members of specialized committees such as the Historic Supreme Court.

Moderator:  Michael McCarthy

Model UN

The Model United Nations Club is a student-driven organization that attends Model United Nations Conferences run by local high schools and universities. Among the conferences we will attend this year are St. John's (Shrewsbury) MUN, Phillips Exeter Academy MUN, and the Clark University MUN. In our meetings we learn about the UN and practice the public speaking skills and negotiation skills necessary for success on conference participation. Starting at the beginning of the academic year is preferred, but new members are always welcome.

Moderator: Mr. Tim Endicott '06

Multicultural Club

The Multicultural Club offers students opportunities to express and discuss their respective cultures and acquire a deeper appreciation for other cultures and backgrounds. In addition, the Multicultural Club participates in events for students to join with other clubs, like the International Club and Spanish Club, to create a deeper awareness of the diversity of students that make up Malden Catholic. Meetings often involve discussions on a number of topical issues related to race, culture, gender, politics, and socioeconomics. The club meets on Mondays and plans one or two activities per quarter. Membership is open to all students and new members are always encouraged to stop by.

Moderator: Mr. Paul Moran

Music Ministry

Students, faculty, and staff are all welcome to take part in our music ministry, which provides liturgical music for all of our Masses. Rehearsals take place on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 7:10 AM. No prior background in choral singing is required, just a positive attitude and a desire to help lead our community in musical prayer!

For the 2019-20 school year, anyone interested in being a part of music ministry should contact Ms. Lora Tamagini

National Honor Society, Brother Gilbert Chapter

Malden Catholic's Brother Gilbert Chapter of the National Honor Society is dedicated to advancing the attributes of Scholarship, Leadership, Character, and Service. In order for a student to be accepted into and maintain good standing in the NHS, he must maintain a cumulative average of 88 or be in the top 15 % of his class. He must perform at least 8 hours of service each quarter above any other service requirement at MC. He must also continue to exhibit the traits of leadership and good character.

The organization meets six to eight times a school year - after school in the auditorium. It usually has one fund-raising drive each year for the purpose of raising money to be donated to local charities such a Bread of Life and the Lancer Christmas Toy Drive. A scholarship is also presented to a junior at the Underclass Convocation on June. The major activity for the NHS at MC has been to be of service to Malden Catholic and its students. Members are encouraged to volunteer for school events and, in particular, to act as tutors for students in need. The NHS can be improved by adding more activities for its members, and to achieve 100 % participation in the goals of the society.

Moderator: Ms. Angela Lee

Quiz Bowl

The Annual Quiz Bowl is a Malden Catholic student-developed trivia competition. Teams of Middle School students from around the region compete to be the Quiz Bowl champions. The event is typically held in January or February.

Moderator: Mr. Chris Cleary

Robotics Team

The Malden Catholic Robotics Team participates in the national Botball competition, sponsored by the KISS Institute of Practical Robotics. Participants are given seven weeks to build autonomous robots that are programmed to complete a set task without human interaction. The competition involves a documentation phase, in which students must report on their progress using flowcharts and images, the unopposed seeding round, in which the robots compete alone, and the opposed double elimination tournament, in which two teams compete head to head on the same board. Malden Catholic Robotics is organized into the following divisions:

  • Programming: MC Robotics programmers use Interactive C, a derivative of C that is similar to C++, on XBC motherboards. The robot's programming must be able to work autonomously, using sensors such as touch sensors, sonar, infrared, rangefinders, and a digital camera to complete a task consistently.
  • Mechanics: Mechanics team members are responsible for building the robots, with tasks ranging from constructing a solid base to making functional arms and grabbers. Students use legos, motors, servos, sensors, and the iRobot Roomba Create to construct functional robots.
  • Documentation: Documentation students are responsible for documenting the team's progress throughout the competition period. Documenters submit periodic descriptions of the robots to competition judges, supplemented with images, flowcharts, and team schedules.

Moderator: Mr. Steven Caristinos

Spanish Club

The Spanish Club is composed of a group of young men who enjoy and appreciate Spanish: its language and culture. Meetings are held once every three weeks and include a variety of activities. These may include: guest speakers, restaurant and theater trips, Bingo, game days, scavenger hunts, food contests and movies.

Moderator: Mrs. Maria Crotty

Spanish National Honor Society

La Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica is a nationally recognized Spanish Honor Society which promotes excellence in the study of Spanish. Seniors in their fourth year of Spanish with a career long average of 90 or above will be eligible. Additionally, students are required to fulfill ten hours of service, either through tutoring or assisting at school or cultural events.

Moderator: Mrs. Maria Crotty


MC's thriving STEM Club meets weekly under the supervision of our Engineering and Physics teachers to conduct experiments of interest to club members. Recent experiments have included rocket-launches, steam power generators, and a Tesla coil. New members are always welcome.

Moderator:  Mrs. Saman Abbas  

Stock & Trade Club

Open to all students with an interest in finance, the MC Stock & Trade club meets periodically to discuss the principles of investment. Time commitment is low, but the return-on-investment is high!

Moderator: Mr. Sean Hurley '97

Student Council

The Student Council consists of a group of four officers, two grade-level representatives for the sophomore and junior classes, and standing committees on Athletics & Activities, Spiritual & Cultural Life, and Publicity. Student Council members are instrumental in the organization and operation of numerous school activities. Examples include Malden Catholic Leadership Institute, Freshman Orientation, Parents Mini-Schedule night, tag days, open house, all school dances, the Senior Class Gift campaign, Junior/Senior Prom, pep rallies, Baccalaureate Mass, food drives, and other charitable causes. Membership is by annual election for officers and class representatives and nomination for committee members.

Moderator: Mr. Zachary Creeden, Mr. Sean Hurley, Ms. Deirdre Foley, Ms. Lauren Dupont

Yearbook (The Lance)

Students interested in writing and photography are encouraged to join Malden Catholic's yearbook club, The Lance. The yearbook is published annually as a compendium of students and student life at MC.

Moderator: Mr. John McCormack '15