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The Lancers-in-Action

Lancers-in-Action was started in March 2002 in order to introduce a student-run organization into the MC community that would focus on improving several aspects of school life: community, spiritual life, and service. LIA's goal is to improve upon all of these areas in many different ways. Lancers-in-Action is a working group which works for and in conjunction with the Campus Ministry Team. Through Lancers-in-Action, Malden Catholic Campus Ministry encourages many types of charitable works. We believe our students should have sensitivity to the sufferings of others, especially the less fortunate. This is accomplished by unselfishly working for justice. Membership is open to all students of any grade level.

Senior Christian Service Program

The Senior Christian Service Program is conducted during the last three weeks of the senior year for students who are not enrolled in AP courses. It is a unique opportunity for seniors to put their faith into action through service at service sites. Beginning with meetings designed to facilitate the acquisition of service sites, students are encouraged to see their service as means of bringing God’s healing to those most in need.

Students with three or more AP Classes may begin their Christian Service June 1st. 90 Christian Service. Hours must be documented and handed in to Campus Ministers as they are completed. Service sheets to be signed are always available in the Campus Ministry Center. A five-page reflection paper is required, rubric will be distributed.

Students with one AP class may complete up to 30 hours during the school year. The remaining hours (60) must be completed during the three weeks set aside for service (April-May). Reflection Paper required.

Students with two AP classes may complete up to 45 hours during the school year. The remaining hours must be completed during the three weeks set aside for service (April-May). Reflection Paper required.

ALL Members of the Senior Class will participate in a Senior Christian Service Day in October (Date TBA). Students will be assigned a group and site by Campus Ministers.
Note: In order to foster a continued discernment all students must meet these requirements:

Campus Ministry will facilitate the program as follows:

  • Maintaining a comprehensive data base of service sites and site supervisors.
  • Creating and maintaining a prayerful environment within which proper reflection may occur. Commission Prayer service, morning of reflection, closing prayer service required of all seniors.
  • Publicizing all requirements and meeting times as well as criteria for grading.
  • Communicate on a regular basis with the administration concerning students.
  • Visit each student on-site at assess progress
  • Assign a five page reflection paper. The 90 hours of service and the paper is a graduation requirement.
  • Complete a 5-page reflection paper following your service.

Underclassmen Service Program (2017-2018 School Year)

The Malden Catholic Christian Service Program for Grades 9-11 is under the direction of the Campus Ministry Department and is administered through each student’s Theology class. It is a required and crucial element of our Malden Catholic mission. The purpose of the Christian Service Requirement is to assist and to encourage students to apply their learning in practical service to others. We believe that service to others is a characteristic desired of Malden Catholic High School graduates. Our example is Jesus Christ, Himself, who "did not come to be served, but to serve ..." Matthew 20:28

A campus minister visits with each class each year and goes over the program with students. At that time they are given a list of possible sites and projects. They may, with the permission of a campus minister, go to another approved site for service. Student must pass in signed service site papers and write a 2-3 page reflection paper on their service. Theology teachers set the time in the spring when papers are due. All students must have completed service requirements by the last class of the year. Students are encouraged to serve others beyond the required hours and time period required by the administration. Please note: Only AP seniors may be credited with service completed in the summer.

Service Requirements for Freshmen

15 Hours - All Christian Service hours are to be completed during the school year. Up to 5 hours may be Service in Support of the school community in which students are dedicating time to serve as an ambassador of Malden Catholic, which may include Open House, programs which support recruitment and admission to the school, Lancers in Action, or other Campus Ministry approved events. Freshmen students are required to complete at least 10 hours outside of the Malden Catholic Community. Campus Ministry will provide a list of possible sites and opportunities for service to the greater community. Student Christian Service may be completed through any volunteer service given to a non-profit agency, church, civic or school organization, or walk/runs which seeks to help others. Our Theology instructors track students’ service hours and assignment of service papers. It should be noted that all service hours performed, must be turned in on a completed service hour form to his Theology teacher. The forms may be picked up in the Campus Ministry Center.

Service Requirements for Sophmores

25 Hours - If a student wishes to count summer Christian Service hours as a sophomore, the hours must be approved by his freshmen Theology teacher no later than May 25th of his freshman year. Volunteer work that assists people in need is allowed, however working with an agency that helps people in need is preferred. This includes those places which service the elderly, preschool and elementary school children, and the needy. A Campus Minister will visit all freshmen Theology classes in the spring to explain requirements and provide a list of possible sites to students. It should be noted that during the school year no more than 5 hours of Service in Support of the Malden Catholic community will be credited towards the Christian Service requirement. Therefore, Grade 10 students are asked to complete at least 20 hours outside of the MC community. Theology instructors will track students’ service hours as well assign the rubrics for the required service reflection paper. It should be noted that all Christian Service hours performed, must be turned in on a completed Christian Service Hour Form and given to the sophomore Theology instructor. These forms are available in the Campus Ministry Center.

Service Requirements for Juniors

35 Hours - If a student entering his junior year at Malden Catholic wishes to count summer Christian service hours, he must have all hours approved by his sophomore Theology teacher no later than May 25th. Christian Service hours may be completed during the summer with the approval of Sophomore Theology teacher. All hours not completed in the summer must be completed from September to May. As “upperclassmen”, juniors are encouraged to complete service hours volunteering at soup kitchens, homeless shelters, Habitat for Humanity, the Greater Boston Food Bank, hospitals, senior centers, nursing homes, agencies which service the poor, schools, churches and non-profit organizations and walks which support these organizations. Malden Catholic Campus Ministry promotes many of these service opportunities through school announcements and the Lancers in Action service club. Please note 5 hours is the maximum number of hours a student may volunteer to Service in Support of the Malden Catholic community. Students are required to fill out and submit signed Christian Service Hour Forms located in Campus Ministry to keep a record of service with their Junior Theology teacher.