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Spiritual Life

Malden Catholic is a private, Catholic, college-preparatory school sponsored by the Xaverian Brothers. As such, the ultimate goal of our spiritual formation efforts at Malden Catholic is to empower students to live faith-filled lives as joyful witnesses to the Good News of Jesus Christ. Malden Catholic calls each student to a Christian concern for justice and peace, and places service at the heart of the MC educational experience. Malden Catholic draws inspiration from the teachings of Jesus Christ as found in Scripture and the Tradition of the Catholic Church, as well as the founding charism of the Xaverian Brothers. Deriving from a Greek word meaning "gift," the charism of Xaverian education is marked by our five core values: humility, simplicity, compassion, trust, and zeal. These values are central to the Malden Catholic philosophy, and define the moral and character formation of our students.

In the broadest sense, the word "catholic" comes from a Greek word that means "universal." In keeping with our Catholic tradition, Malden Catholic admits students of all backgrounds and abilities who seek the benefits of a Catholic education and moral formation rooted in Catholic values. Our hope is for our students to one day assume positions of leadership and responsibility, making positive impacts on their families, communities, and professional fields.

We welcome and encourage you to explore this section of our website to learn more about our robust program of spiritual and moral formation at Malden Catholic.