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St. Francis Xavier Society

Saint Francis Xavier Society Members



Bev and Jim Donovan Hon. 2011#

Sallyann and Eugene F. Fama Ph.D.1956 GC 1956#

Kathy and Joseph J. O'Donnell 1962    



$25,000 to $49,999

Alicia Cooney and Stephen Quigley# P 2021

Hon. Regina Quinlan Doherty and Hon. Gerard F. Doherty, Esq. 1946 +

Patricia and Thomas L. Hughes, Jr. 1975    

John J. Prior, Jr. 1974   

Laurie and Mason S. Tenaglia 1974#



$10,000 to $24,999

Linda and John C. Bolger 1964    

Margaret and Paul W. Chisholm P 1995 1999

Ann Marie and Richard F. Connolly, Jr. 1957    

Kristine and Robert F. Higgins 1964#

Eizabeth and Sean P. Hurley 1997    

Kathleen and Daniel J. Keating# P 2010

Joseph J. Keough 1988#

Tricia and Ted Legasey 1963 GC1963

Olivia and Thomas P. McDonough 1966

Rosemary and James Phalen GC 1969

Debbie and Robert M. Reardon 1982    

Lolli and Richard L. Sumberg 1964    



$5,000 to $9,999

Herbert W. Boudreau, Jr. 1966    

Kim and.Anthony A. Brandano 1982    

Thomas E. Burke 1959#

Christine and Dennis R. Cataldo 1986

Diana Cataldo#   P 1986

John H. Costello 1964#

F. Richard Couture 1958

Barbara and Paul T. Fitzgerald, Esq. 1981#

The Guinee Family

Deborah and Kevin Guinee P 2009 2011

Alicia and Lawrence Guinee P 2015 2020

Ellen and William Guinee P 2011

Patricia McWade 1965#

Joshua R. Ouellette 2014#

Abigail and James J. Perry 1996#

Vincent F. Petroni 1966



$2,500 to $4,999

The Annese Family

Alex A. Annese 2008

Maria and John F. Annese, D.M.D. 1976 P 2008 2011

Nicholas M. Annese 2011#

The Arria & Limone Family#

Janine and Anthony C. Arria P 2020

Olympia Limone GP 2020

Sarah and Frederick J. Baldassaro, Jr. 1992#

Kiley and Jared P. Belliveau 1997#

Keri and Stephen J. Byrne 1995 P 2024#

Richard P. Clark 1979

John E. Fahey, Jr. 1965    

Daniel J. Fitzgerald 2012#

Michael P. Fitzgerald 2006#

Christopher G. LaMarca 1992#

James L. O'Connor 1962#     

Becky and Dr.David A. Petti 1978    

Angela and Daniel J. Sullivan 1991#

Stacey Sullivan#

Sandra and Michael P. Tarpey 1978# P 2010

Sheryl and Stephen E. Tarpey 1986# P 202

Stephen M. Tringale, M.D. 1976

Deb and Brian J. Walsh 1984 P 2016 2018 2020



$1,932 to $2,499

Kathleen and Frederick L. Cavanaugh 1965#

Maureen and Francis E. Flynn 1954    

Deborah and Frank Giso III P 2003    

Brother Lawrence W. Harvey, C.F.X. 1979#

Nadine and Richard J. LeBranti Jr., CFP 1994#

Marcella C. Littlefield P 1974#

Margaret and James A. Lynch III 1974#

Joyce Mover#

Anne Marie and Michael O'Connor#

Clorinda E. Saragosa P 1973 1976 GP 2024

St. Rocco Fraternal Association of Malden#

St. Peter’s Community of Malden#

Susan Murphy and Paul D. Sullivan PE 1987    

Monique and Gilbert Turk P 2020 2022#



$1,000 to $1,931

Carol and James A. Angelo 1954#


April and Philip M. Antonelli 1992    

Marion and Joseph H. Armstrong Jr. 1961    

Lily and Christopher J. Bellini 1979+   

Paul L. Bennett USN (Ret.) 1956    

Mary and Arthur H. Bruno 1951    

Lorraine and Robert J. Bucchino 1971 P 2010   

John J. Bush 1954# +

Marisa and James M. Bushee 1972    

John E. Cadigan II 1978#

Brian T. Callahan, Jr. M.D. 1975    

Mark T. Cannon 1973    

Marie and Michael A. Cantalupa 1979    

Thomas C. Carideo, Jr. 1994#

James W. Casamento 1984    

Lisa Cenca P 2010

Mark F. Chiavelli 1986#

Christine and Frank Ciampa 1980    

John K. Coleman, Esq. 1965    

Eugene Covino 1994#

Joan and Paul J. Crowley 1948    

Stephen G. Curry, Jr. 1982    

Charlene and Kevin B. Deasy 1959    

Pia and Anthony J. DellaPiana 1974 P 2015   

MT Davila and Roberto L. DiMarco, Esq. 1991 P 2023    

Calvin J. Dorsey, M.D. 1955#

Edward Ellison#

Joan and Thomas E. Endicott 1969# P 2000 2003 2006 2012

John W. Erkkila 1964# +

James R. Fitzpatrick 1953#

Lawrence M. Furey, Partners in Mission#

Robert Ford and Lisa Grover *# P 2022 2024

Ann P. Gallagher GC 1977

John J. Gallagher 1979

John V. Gibbons, Jr. 1953#

Martha and Paul J. Gillespie, Esq. 1958 GP 2017

Raymond H. Gorman, Jr. 1943    

Carol and Joseph J. Gosselin 1964    

Barbara and Thomas M. Graf 1975 P 2002

Sarah and Richard Hamilton*# P 2022

John E. Higgins, Jr. 1957    

Kathleen and Cornelius J. Hurley 1966    

Mark R. Iantosca, M.D. 1982    

Catherine and William F. Kelly III M.D.1988#

Amy Lonergan, Esq. and James D. Lonergan 1994#    

Mimi and John Lynch P 2020#

Rachel and Benjamin Marino P 2024*#

Dr. Suzana Marusic M.D. Ph.D. and David Lindbergh P 2023#

Judy and Frank J. Mastrocola, Jr. 1971 P 2018

James W. Matchett 1960    

George Mavridis 1957#

Christopher R. McCarthy 2007#

Robert J. McCarthy P 2007

Katherine and Paul V. McDonough 1968    

Diane and John J. McGlynn, Jr. 1964 GP 2018

Andrea and Timothy J. Morello 1990

Vincent J. Murphy 1946    

Jane and David A. Nazzaro 1958#

David F. O'Brien 1951    

Erin and Matthew M. O'Neil 1999    

Janet and Stephen J. O’Neill PE 1978

Edward Palazzo 1991    

Donald W. Palmer 1956    

Elizabeth S. and Leo Paquette P 2002 2007#

Susan and Daniel F. Passacantilli 1990

James Pelosi#

Craig M. Peluso 1992    

Mary and Christopher D. Perna 1979    

Dana E. Petroni PE, PEng 1981    

Kristen and  Bryan T. Pothier 1991    

Brother Thomas Puccio, C.F.X.    

Francis J. Ricciardone, Sr. 1939 P 1969 1971 1973 1974 1976#

Ambassador Francis J. Ricciardone 1969

     and Dr. Marie Ricciardone GC1969    

Robert E. Rosdahl 1957   

Clorinda E. Saragosa P 1973 1976 GP 2024

Stephen J. Savarino MD, MPH 1975#

Anita and Thomas P. Scannell DMD 1955    

Carol and Theodore M. Shediac GC 1960 MC 1958    

Lisa and Jeffrey P. Smith 1995 P 2024    

Steven F. Smoot, Esq. 1977    

Mark J. Sullivan 1983

Deacon Paul E. Testa 1950

Kim and John Thornburg *#

Joan and Charles Tolson P 2018 2021#

Elizabeth and Matthew Tracy P 2023#

Melissa and  Jeffrey R. Turco, Esq. 1989 P 2024

Kathleen and Edward C. Tyrrell    

Jeryl and Edward Williams P 2022*#

Melissa and Stephen P. Zizza 1983#



Key:  * new

         # increased 

         + Deceased

Saint Francis Xavier Society

Leadership gifts have a powerful impact on the future of Malden Catholic. 

Donors who join the St. Francis Xavier Society and those who renew their membership each year are a lasting investment in the value of the MC experience.  These gifts help to ensure the preservation of Xaverian education and provide for the margin for excellence that goes beyond the cost of tuition. Initial membership in the SFX Society starts with a gift of $1,000.

To join the SFX Society, please contact Robert McCarthy, Senior Director of Institutional Advancement at to discuss how your gift can help further our mission.

We are very grateful for the generosity and commitment of the members of the Saint Francis Xavier Society, Malden Catholic’s leadership giving circle. The SFX Society began in 1994 as a way for alumni and friends to promote and celebrate annual unrestricted gifts of $1,000. It started with just four members who contributed a total of $8,250. Today the SFX Society has 143 members who contributed more than $595,092 to The Fund for Malden Catholic.