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Parent Giving

The Malden Catholic Fund is the school’s annual fundraising effort that runs from July 1 through June 30. It is the lifeblood of our school, providing the financial footing that makes MC extraordinary.

Your gift will doubled due to the support of Dr. Eugene Fama 1956, the 2013 Nobel Prize winner in Economic Sciences and Sallyann (Dimeco) Fama GC 1956.  They have offered to match all parent gifts up to $100,000.  Professor Fama, often called “the father of modern finance,” along with his wife Sallyann believe in Malden Catholic.  They believe that MC offers an extraordinary Catholic education to a broad range of families in the region.

What is Parent Giving?

All unrestricted gifts from parents support the Malden Catholic Fund and immediately impact current students' experience. The current cost of a Malden Catholic education exceeds the amount of full tuition, making Malden Catholic one of the best values in Catholic education in New England. The Fund for Malden Catholic runs annually from July 1 to June 30.

Why is it Needed?

Malden Catholic's ability to bridge the tuition gap and to continue to offer such outstanding opportunities for all our students to thrive is only possible because of generous support of the Malden Catholic Fund. Support for the Malden Catholic Fund also allows MC to keep tuition competitive with peer schools.

How Does this Impact My MC Student?

Every student benefits from the Malden Catholic Fund.

Support for the Fund makes it possible to enhance academic innovation, arts and athletic programming, provide tuition assistance and scholarships, and strengthen our vibrant community. 

How Much Should I Contribute?

We invite every family to make an impact on their student's education with a personally meaningful gift every year. All donations are critical to maintaining the MC that we know and love. We hope that you will make giving to Malden Catholic a philanthropic priority.

When you invest in Malden Catholic above and beyond tuition, you send a strong message about the quality of this institution and the value of your child's education. 

Your support—in all forms—enriches the MC experience inside and outside the classroom and impacts every student daily.

We are grateful for your generosity and thank you for your commitment to Malden Catholic and your student.

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The Power of Participation