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Christian Service


Malden Catholic Christian Service

As a faith-based community, we are called to care for each other. Therefore, MC students are exposed to the value of service with the hope that it becomes a life-long habit. Malden Catholic students are required to increase their Christian Service commitment each year, starting at 15 hours in Freshman year and building to 75 – 90 hours in Senior year. Students are asked to record their hours on the Mobile Serve app and write a reflection paper to recap their service experiences.

Volunteer Opportunities

Campus Ministry has created a Christian Service Google Classroom page that will list volunteer opportunities. 

Agencies and Service Site Options

Underclassmen Christian Service

During Freshman year, all students are required to perform 15 hours of Christian Service. During Sophomore year the hours increase to 25, and by Junior year, students need to perform 35 hours of service. A list of organizations and volunteer opportunities are provided by Campus Ministry and students are also encouraged to find new, independent opportunities as well.


Underclassmen Christian Service Program


Underclassmen Reflection Paper

Senior Christian Service

Senior year, all students perform either 75 or 90 hours of direct Christian Service, based on their academic schedule. Students with multiple Advanced Placement courses will typically do their service throughout the year, while non-AP students complete their coursework by April vacation and perform service over the three weeks prior to graduation. As part of Senior Christian Service, students attend to the needs of the elderly, poor, marginalized, disabled, disadvantaged, excluded or underserved and write a paper for their service moderator reflecting their experience.

Senior Christian Service Requirements

Senior Christian Service Paper