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Return to Fall Athletics Plan


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The purpose of the return to Fall athletics playbook is to provide the coaches, athletes, athletics staff and our MC families with the guidelines and procedures that will be implemented and followed for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the ever-changing nature of the pandemic and the recommendations from national and state governing bodies, these guidelines may require adaptation.

To our athletes and coaches, we have always stood together in our workouts, in practices and in competition and now more than ever we need to be there for one another and have support each other as we work to create a positive culture of wellbeing. Our goal this school year is to be able to offer athletic opportunities that will allow us to participate safely while limiting exposure to illness and ultimately successfully completing our seasons. We will continue to assess how COVID-19 will impact our specific safety culture and we’ll be prepared to plan to adapt if necessary.

The primary purpose of this document is to provide easy access to procedures relating to our return to play during COVID-19. This does not replace our regular Malden Catholic Athletic Handbook which should be reviewed by each athlete and their family annually and may be found at:


View Spectator Attendance Policy

Due to the  limitations on gatherings set by local and state agencies as well as the policies for the Catholic Conference Athletic Departments and regulated by the Malden Catholic Re-entry Task Force, we will be limiting the number of people who may attend fall sporting events. This will affect all fall sports both home and away.

SOCCER The current limited spectator numbers will only accommodate home and visiting athletes and coaches, essential staff and one parent per athlete.  Each athlete will be issued a numbered lanyard and that lanyard will grant entry through our gate for athletic events.  For senior parents, we will issue two lanyards granting access for both parents to attend.  This is for our home and away events and some schools may restrict access even further and we will update the coaches and teams week to week on those restrictions and expectations. 

SWIMMING At this time we are restricted from allowing any spectators on the deck for any home fall swim meets.

ALL OTHER SPORTS All other fall sports will also have to comply with the Governor’s gathering limitations. Spectators will be permitted to attend those sporting events, so long as we can accommodate them within the limits.  For Cross Country we are asking that no gatherings take place at either the start of finish of the race and for GOLF that spectators spread out along the course and follow specific guidelines for each course.

STREAMING OF EVENTS All of us at the Malden Catholic understand that these limitations are frustrating and disappointing for many. We are working to find a way to broadcast our home games and other sporting events to allow students, families, and the community to enjoy the accomplishments of and cheer on our student athletes. More information will be coming on this exciting development in the next several weeks. 

OPPONENTS VENUES This policy is for both home and away events, however we have already received word that several school districts we will be traveling to have set additional restrictions based on their locale and city/town and district policies.  Some schools will only allow home fans while others are restricting all spectator entry.  If an opponents venue is streaming any event, we will share that information with everyone so they may view the events remotely.

SAFETY GUIDELINES We want our athletes, coaches and their families to remain safe and our goal is to be able to provide an environment that will allow us to complete all of our seasons successfully.  To do this, we are asking that all those attending maintain safety guidelines with proper mask use and social distancing in the bleachers.

ENTRY TO EVENTS The regulations will be explained upon entry to any athletic event and this will include a sign-in procedure should we need to contact those in attendance for any reason.  This can be done on paper form as well as utilizing our QR code. 

LIMITATIONS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE Finally, please be aware that these limitations are subject to change. We will communicate any changes to the spectator limitations via our coaches, website and through and our parent/community email notification system. Thank you for your continued support of our athletic teams and our schools and allowing our student-athletes to play.