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Why MC?

As one of the fastest growing high schools in the New England area, we have a vibrant and friendly community that supports each student's individual growth mindset and prepares Lancers for great success in college and beyond. We encourage you to visit our campus and experience MC firsthand where you will learn about the excitement and value of attending our school. As a Xaverian Brothers sponsored school, we inspire our students to serve others, to lead beyond all expectations and excel in the world around around them. We welcome you to experience it for yourself!

Malden Catholic is also the only Catholic secondary school in East Coast that offers a truly distinctive codivisional educational model. We provide our 865 students with the best of both worlds - separate, single-gender academic divisions on a shared campus and the opportunity for our boys and girls to come together after school to engage in a wide array of cocurricular and service activities along with competitive athletics. We welcome you to experience it for yourself!

Are you ready to go Plus Ultra - More Beyond - and to develop you fullest potential in the classroom, on the field and in your community? The young men and women of MC are known for Leading Beyond all expectations and exemplifying individuals in the community who consistently Serve, Lead and Excel so be sure to explore the resources throughout this site to see why we believe MC's unique codivisional model is the right fit for you. 


With up to 90 hours of Christian Service required, all MC students serve those in need in the community throughout the school year. 


MC students are invited to pursue a leadership path through internships, service and cocurricular activities.


Over one quarter of MC's graduating class are enrolled the country's most highly competitive colleges and universities.

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