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Special Academic Programs

St. Francis Xavier Scholars


Established in 2008, The St. Francis Xavier Scholars Program recognizes and develops academic excellence, promotes intellectual exploration, provides enrichment, and inspires cultivation of a community of academic leadership at Malden Catholic. Named in honor of the patron saint of the Xaverian Brothers, known for his zeal, the Program intends to develop in its members a zeal for a Catholic values-based pursuit of knowledge.

  • Four-day MC Summer Institute
  • Heightened College Counseling
  • Lecture Opportunities (Colleges or In-house)
  • Project Development (Christian Service; Senior Thesis, etc.)
  • Quarterly school-year seminars/lectures/field trips
  • Recognition (transcript notation; Banquet; Blessing Ceremony)

In recognition of their talents, incoming first-year students with entrance test scores and academic profiles in the top percentile of the applying class will be invited to be members of the St. Francis Xavier Scholars Program. Students who performed well in 9th grade may also apply for participation in the program during their sophomore year at Malden Catholic, provided they have achieved a cumulative average above an 88%, have taken at least 3 honors courses in their first year, are currently enrolled in at least 4 honors courses, and are students in good standing.


Mr. Jared Belliveau (BOYS)

Mrs. Saman Abbas (GIRLS)



Brother Kevin Program

The Brother Kevin Program responds to the individual needs of 9th and 10th grade students whose personal learning styles and academic profiles indicate they will benefit from additional support as they approach college preparatory classes. The program is designed for students who have ability but need a stronger foundation in study skills and learning strategies.

Participants in the Brother Kevin Program have schedules which include a double English class. Students have access to a full-time learning specialist who provides organizational support and consults with the student's teaching team.

The 10th grade Brother Kevin Program continues the good work begun in grade 9. As a team, students and their learning specialist meet once a cycle to review organizational skills, discuss classes and make sure all work is in order for students to achieve their best. Additionally, the learning specialist is available each day before school, during the school day and after school to work on any project based learning, preparation for tests, or any other homework issue that might be posing a challenge for the student.

The Brother Kevin Program accommodates a limited number of students each year. Placement is recommended by Malden Catholic administration and the learning specialist, based on a review of student transcripts, standardized test scores and academic profile. For further information about the Brother Kevin Program, please contact:

Mrs. Stacey Sullivan
Director of Specialized Learning
(781) 475-5349