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I was talking to my sister over the weekend. She and her husband live in a sprawling condo community in Virginia with 4-unit townhouses and occupants ranging from newly-weds to retirees.  My sister and brother-in-law are among the latter.  Still in good health and active as a substitute teacher and a volunteer, my sister – proud to say she’s 70,  was surprised when a 50-year-old neighbor offered this week to buy groceries for her.  Her husband just laughed and said, “That’s because we’re OLD!” In telling me this, my sister said, as though amazed, “We’re Mom and Dad!  We don’t see ourselves that way, or feel it, but we are!”

I’ve had some strangely similar experiences myself this week – sweet gestures of care and concern.  Four or five MC families have been thoughtful enough, even with their own busy days, to give a call or send a note, saying, “Brother, if you need anything, let us know.” 

We’re doing fine, but the Brothers are very thankful for these expressions of care.  A lasagna even showed up, unannounced, at our house this weekend.  Well, the lasagna didn’t show up, but an MC freshman, our next-door neighbor, carrying a lasagna!  (It was delicious!) His Mom, a former Pope John girl, had two brothers attend MC in the 80s and would sometimes catch a ride over to school with me and another Brother.

I’m sure that similar expressions of care and random acts of kindness are happening today in many directions, some quite courageously.  It’s gratifying to see how trying situations often call forth our best.  Moms and Dads, sons and daughters, friends and strangers are all working on developing a new rhythm.  I am very proud of our MC faculty and staff for the way they have been rising to the occasion.  I am equally proud of our students for their resiliency and spirit. And I am most grateful to our MC parents for your wonderful capacity for care.  My prayer is that God keep us in His care and bless us with the grace to be the face of His love to others.

Weekly News

Schedule Updates Through the Next Two Weeks

  • Wednesday, March 25 through Friday, March 27: Grading Days
  1. No underclasses in session, no new work.
  2. Opportunity for students to "catch up."
  3. Senior classes as usual on Wednesday and Thursday.
  4. Underclass AP classes will not meet but may have assignments as directed by teacher.
  • Monday, March 30: Underclass 4th Quarter Begins
  • Thursday, April 2: Report Cards emailed
  • Friday, April 3: Senior 3rd Quarter Ends

There will be no senior exams.

  • Monday, April 6: Senior AP 4th Quarter Begins

Senior Christian Service Update

Elsewhere, this Monday 3-23, seniors and their families will have received information about Senior Christian Service:  an alternative plan recognizes that customary on-site service will not be possible this year.  It will propose a range of options drawing from Spiritual Works of Mercy.  Those seniors who may still need a faculty or staff moderator should contact the desired person by email to request support.  Please understand that not all teachers and staff members may still be available.  Let me or Dr. Stephen Baccari know if you need help.

Underclass Christian Service adjustments will also be announced in the coming week.


Summer Reading

In early May we will make available to students  a preview of the titles of books proposed for summer reading.  Selection will take place by mid-May.  As done last year, faculty and staff will offer a book of their choice.  We will put together a list of those titles, and students will each select one book.  We will use Sign-Up Genius for book selection and will allow up to 12 students to select a title.  Once 12 students have signed on, the book is no longer available.

Leadership Features

Amazing Young Students

Ty Blumberg ’20

I first met Ty Blumberg at an Arts Night performance in our auditorium.   He was an 8th-grader, still figuring out where he’d be going to high school.  I was in the front row, positioned to take some photos, and Ty and his mom happened to sit near me.  As we struck up some conversation during breaks in the show, little did I know that I was speaking with one of the future leaders of the Class of 2020! 

Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ty in our junior-year AP Capstone Seminar class, of watching him perform on the ice as a member of our Hockey Team, and of enjoying his many contributions to school life!

Academically, Ty has tackled as many of our AP courses as could fit in his schedule – and with great success!  These included AP Euro, AP U.S. History, AP Seminar, AP English Comp, AP English Lit, AP Government, AP Spanish, AP Physics 1, AP Capstone Research, AP Physics 2, and AP Calculus AB.   He logged Headmaster’s List performances (all grades 90% or above) for 11 of 14 Quarters.   He earned First Honors for the other 3.   A St. Francis Xavier Scholar and member of the National Honor Society, Ty was recipient of the University of Notre Dame Book Award, a two-time Gold Medalist in the National Spanish Exam and one-time Silver medalist!

If you think Ty sits in his room all day and studies, you’re very wrong!  He has been a 4-year member of our Hockey Team, playing JV in freshman and sophomore years, and Varsity for the past two seasons.  As one of our top defenseman this year, he was huge in keeping our games closely competitive.  Off-season each spring and fall, he would make good use of the opportunities presented by MB’s Strength & Conditioning.  He extends his hockey interests, also, as a certified Level Two USA Hockey Referee, working with Mites, Squirts, and Pee-wees.

Ty has exercised leadership in service, too, whether through volunteerism at Grace Chapel in Lexington, guiding MC 8th-Grade Shadows, speaking at School community events, serving as a peer tutor, or helping at the Greater Boston Food Bank. 

Two services are of special note:  this year Ty served with 7 other MC seniors as a pall bearer at a Lazarus Funeral for a homeless Boston man at the Franciscan Chapel on Arch Street.  The experience was a moving one.  Ty has also been a mainstay of our Habitat for Humanity Chapter, having participated on 7 builds, served as Junior member of the Executive Board, and currently serves as Chapter President.

Ty’s talents don’t end there, though!  He received Honorable Mention in the 2018 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards (for Comic Art), Honorable Mention in the 2019 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards (Photography), and was a 2019 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards Gold Key Recipient for Figure Study.

Next year, Ty will take his talents to St. Louis’ prestigious Washington University, a school often compared to Brown, Cornell, Dartmouth, and other Ivies.  There he will major in Architecture. 

Ty mentioned in conversation with me that he feels blessed to have had so many great teachers at Malden Catholic and to have enjoyed such a great group of friends.    I’m very comfortable in saying that MC was blessed, too, in having had opportunity to help nurture the rich talents we’ve seen in Ty!   A gentleman of great character, integrity, dedication, and care, Ty has grown in wonderful ways since my first conversation with him 4 years ago.  With thanks to his mom and dad, teachers and coaches, I wish him a future of continued blessing and promise!


Br. Thomas Puccio

Principal, Boys Program