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Dear Parents,

I hope this weekly check-in finds you and your family well.  I realize that many of you are facing concerns: child care concerns & managing children’s academic needs, balancing family time and work time at home and even health concerns. I, too, am facing similar challenges with my own family needs. I am praying for all you during this complicated time.  I miss seeing the girls every day. Thank you for all you are doing to help keep your daughter engaged with the academics using the MC distance learning program for the 3rd Quarter. We are all in this together.

As an update, both Principals met virtually last week with each Department Chair.  We received excellent reports from them about the wonderful ways teachers are reaching students. We also have received numerous calls and emails from parents who have praised the efforts of teachers in all the disciplines. 

I hope that the decision to extend the 3rd Quarter was one that was well received. We think that a few days to reset will be helpful for all before starting the 4th Quarter. Lots of discussions happening about ways to continue bringing excellent teaching to your girls for the 4th Quarter.

Finally, below please find a bullet point list of the important dates that are relevant until April 7th.  These include the Quarter closing and starting dates. 

Please reach out if you or your child have any concerns.

Be Well.


Weekly News

Schedule Updates Through the Next Two Weeks


●     Tuesday, March 24 - Last day of Quarter 3

●     Wednesday. March 25 through Friday, March 27: Grading Days    

○     No Underclasses in session; no new work

○     Opportunity for students to “catch up”

○     Underclass AP classes will not meet  but may have assignments (Wed/Thur) as directed by teacher


●     Monday, March 30

○     Underclass 4th Quarter Begins



●     Thursday, April 2:  Report Cards emailed

Leadership Features

Amazing Young Students

Claudia Minacapilli '22

Claudia Minacapilli ‘22  is our amazing young woman of the month. She grew up in East Boston with her mom and dad, Lana and Sal, two older sisters, Gia and Bella, and a younger brother Dante. She lived for a long time in an extended family home with her grandparents where she attended East Boston Central Catholic School for eight years. Recently, she and her family have relocated to Melrose.

Claudia mentioned that her two older sisters attended Boston Latin High School after leaving East Boston Central Catholic. Her parents thought she would take the same pathway and follow in their footsteps. But, she decided to be different from her sisters. “I wanted to take a different route than my sisters and go to a different high school. I found out that Malden Catholic was going to open a girls school, and I became really intrigued. Once I went to open houses and events at Malden Catholic I realized that this was going to be the high school for me.” Claudia explained.  She said she wanted to be apart in making history in helping to build the new girls school.

Claudia further explained that the best part of her school experience is the strong friendships she has made and the amazing opportunities she has been given throughout her first two years at MC. To start, Claudia is a member of both JV A and B Soccer Teams and was instrumental in her swing position.  She had to play many games in this role and was a key player in wins for the teams according to Head Coach Clancy. Claudia played both basketball and softball in the ninth grade at MC and hopes to play again on the softball team this year.  Additionally,  she is a member of Spanish Club, Art Club, and Saturday in the City Club. This year she has added the Multicultural Club and Step Club to her repertoire.

Claudia’s winter term project was on the topic of Access to Education.  She  explained that she “chose this topic because my mom is a Catholic school teacher, and she has always talked to me about the kids that cannot  get the education they need. Not only is it about kids receiving an education, but it’s also about kids not receiving as good of an education as other kids, it’s about kids not getting support they need at home or at school to help them with their school work when they are struggling, and it’s about students not getting the same opportunities as other students.”

Claudia is clearly amazing in so many ways.  When I asked her what she is most proud of she said her hard working family who taught her to never give up.  She feels that being part of a leadership school has helped her to speak up and voice her opinions and collaborate with others in class and on the field.  She said that leadership is also about learning that you don’t always win or things don’t always work out exactly as you plan, but that is part of growing and getting stronger. 

Claudia says that her favorite teacher is Mr. O’Donnell. Claudia explained “ Although I enjoy all of my teachers, art has always been my favorite subject. I have had Mr. O’Donnell for several classes, and I am now taking digital art with him. I’m so glad that I have a great art teacher that makes me explore different styles and types of art that I have never experienced before.” 

Although Claudia hasn’t decided exactly what she wants to do in the future, she hopes to be able to travel around the world and give back to her community when she is  older.  She ended with,   “I also hope to be able to make a difference in the world while doing the things I love.”

Now, that’s why Claudia Minacapilli is an amazing young woman!


Lisa Cenca

Principal, Girls Program