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Good Morning Parents,,

I hope that the Memorial Day Weekend offered you and your family an opportunity to relax and consider the blessings we have in our  country. 

We are now into the “home stretch”!  We have made it through the school year, and we are extremely proud of our students, teachers, and parents for the community effort we have made.  I hope to see all of you at the Awards Ceremony next week.  It will be a great way to celebrate excellence in all areas of school life. Please join the webinar.  The invitation will be coming soon to your email. There will be awards given for club involvement, academic achievement, excellence in the arts and athletics. The event is highlighted below.  Please also note the wonderful prayer opportunities for the community that are highlighted in our Weekly Update. Students and parents are always welcome to join.  Hope all of you have a great week.   

Schedule Highlights

●     Classes today are those for Periods D, E, F, and G.   Wednesday’s classes: for Periods A, B, and C;  Thursday’s concluding classes: for Periods D, E, F, and G.  Office hours run on Friday.

●     During our Bridge Week, from June 1-4, at teacher discretion, students will have opportunities to pass in some late or missing work for partial credit.   Teachers will advise students of those options, using guidelines offered last week.

●     Underclass Virtual Awards ceremonies will be held

○     Wednesday, June 3, at 4:00 PM for Girls

●     Report cards will be emailed on Friday, the 12th.

Summer Reading:   We are ready to send out the descriptions to students on Friday, May 29th.  After a weekend to review the titles, the sign-up genius will open at noon on June 1st. Please remind your students to choose a book as soon as the sign-up opens to ensure they get the book they are most interested in reading.  Remind them that there are limited spots for each book title.  Furthermore, if they do not sign up, they will be assigned a book and notified via

Academic Council will meet this Thursday at 2:40 PM.  Please share any agenda suggestions

Leadership Summit for Grade 9 Girls:  Deirdre Foley and I  hosted a very successful virtual  Leadership Summit this past Wednesday, featuring guest speakers:  two nationally acclaimed filmmakers who interviewed Malala about girls education in Pakistan,  and Monique Coleman, star of High School Musical. 

TKS SpaceX and Tesla National Summit: Several students took part in a Zoom Meeting with Mark Wai, Nadeem Nathoo, Rey Mastrapa about developments on traveling to Mars. Over 5000 people registered for only 500 seats at the conference, so we were very fortunate that a few students were able to attend.  Our students took part in a Q&A following the program.

Underclass Locker Content Pick-Up will take place during the second week of June.  Times and dates for students to pick-up belongings pre-packed for them and labelled by our maintenance staff will be sent to students and parents by Mr. Smith. 

Habitat for Humanity is holding an online fundraiser for their annual dues.  Please visit their Twitter page and MC social media pages to learn more about their effort.

Campus Ministry Services:  Please see the MC  Weekly Update with prayer opportunities for the week.  Special thanks to Deirdre and Stephen for their continued efforts with these events.

Be well,