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Malden Catholic uses LancerLink for connecting students and parents to the classrooms and gradebooks. At the start of the school year, every student receives an email with instructions on how to activate their student LancerLink account. LancerLink account activation instructions are also emailed to all parents at the start of this school year. If you did not receive this email, you will need to provide Malden Catholic with your email address. Please email your email address and son’s name to and we will update our records and send you an email with activation instructions for your LancerLink account.

LancerLink Mobile Apps

Did you know that you can access LancerLink on your iPhone or Android devices via a mobile app? Rediker offers both the ParentPlus and StudentPlus mobile apps for accessing LancerLink from iPhones and Android smartphones.

In order to use these mobile apps, your LancerLink account must have been activated. Please contact our Director of Technology, Ray Barry, at 781.475.5321 or if you have any questions about your LancerLink account.

To install either App on your phone, visit the App Store, search for Rediker ParentPlus or StudentPlus and then download. When you first launch the mobile app, you will be prompted to enter a school name. Please type “MaldenCatholic” and then click on the register button. At the login screen, enter your LancerLink username (your email address) and password and then click on the Login button.

Click here for details on this mobile app.