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2022-2023 Honor Roll

Dear Honor Roll Recipients:

Congratulations on your distinguished academic performance, which has earned you this Honor Roll recognition.

Thank you for having done your best to explore the depth of your talents and for having accepted the challenge to be an academic leader of your Class.

Success like yours does not happen by accident.  It is the result of daily hard work, dedicated application of skills, consistent investment of time, and thoughtful goal setting. It also comes from collaboration with teachers who aspire to draw forth your best, as well as from caring parents who provide the important support and encouragement you need.  So, thanks and congratulations to your teachers and parents, too.

As academic leaders, our Honor Roll recipients distinguish themselves in three categories:

  • President’s List       For students with all grades of 90% or higher
  • 1st Honors               For students with all grades of 85% or higher
  • 2nd Honors              For students with all grades of 80% or higher.

May your achievement model for your Malden Catholic classmates the personal excellence and mature habits of study that we hope to see in all!