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Honor Roll

Honor Roll - Third Quarter

Dear Honor Roll Recipients:

Congratulations on your distinguished 3rd-Quarter academic performance, which has earned you this Honor Roll recognition.  I am proud of you! 

Thank you for having done your best to explore the depth of your talents and for having accepted the challenge to be an academic leader of your Class.

Success like yours does not happen by accident.  It is the result of daily hard work, dedicated application of skills, consistent investment of time, and thoughtful goal setting. It also comes from collaboration with teachers who aspire to draw forth your best, as well as from caring parents who provide the important support and encouragement you need.  So, thanks and congratulations to your teachers and parents, too.

I especially commend you for a strong and steady 3rd-Quarter performance – during long winter months, at a time of year when the work gets increasingly tough, and when motivation for some students can tend to diminish.  Thank you for “staying the course,” for striving for personal excellence, for recognizing the great value of the solid foundation you are building for yourself!

As academic leaders, our Honor Roll recipients distinguish themselves in three categories:

Headmaster’s List       For students with all grades of 90% or higher

1st Honors                    For students with all grades of 85% or higher

2nd Honors                   For students with all grades of 80% or higher.

May your achievement model for your Malden Catholic classmates the personal excellence and mature habits of study that we hope to see in all!

Once again, on behalf of our School community, congratulations!  May God bless you for determining to use so well the gifts you have been given.  All best 4th-Quarter wishes! Please share this note and your 3rd-Quarter certificate with your parents.


Brother Thomas Puccio, CFX, Ed.D.

Headmaster's List - Boys Program

Eyram Anim

Aaron Babu

Aiden Balandan

Sebastian Banol

Siyuan Bao

Jonathan Beauvoir

Joshua Burke

Ciro Carbone

Nicholas Cieri

Thomas Collier

Cirino Costa

Chinh Dang

Cameron D'Entremont

Charles Dilman

Jeffrey Donahue

Lucas Donahue

Sedric Edouard

Nathan Ford

Benjamin Foy

Anthony Ghergurovich

Abhinit Giri

Jake Hall

Neil Harrington

Daniel Hiltz

Nicholas Julian

Evan Keleti

Martin Kerans

Quang Dai Le

Timothy Lepore

Jeffrey Lin

Josh Lopresti

Dante LoPriore

Christopher Machado

Aidan Martin

Liam McDonough

Alex Mesquita

Hang Mo

Luca Morelli

Huy Ngo

Alex Nguyen

Andrew Nguyen

Khanh Toan Nguyen

Nyles Nguyen

Samuel Ohannesian Jr.

Jose Ordonez

Cesare Paglia

Gabriel Portal

Cristian Rios

Mario Russo

Gavin Sadler

Nicholas Sambataro

Samuel Sanzone

Rylan Scaglione

Robert Scapicchio

Brendan Scibelli

Conner Seeley

Michael Sekenski

Yukun Shan

Samuel Slater

Owen Spencer

Luke Stockless

Robert Sullivan

Junming Tai

Matthew Tarpey

Christopher Terranova

Thomas Tracy

Rosario Turco

William Turk

Brandon Wan

Zerong  Wang

Brandon Wong

Brendan Zinck

Daniel Zizza

First Honors - Boys Program

Ryan Anthony

Peter Arria

Michael Azzari

Daniel Bethlendy

Tyler Boucher

Cameron Boutin

Aidan Burke

Gino Carbone

Vincent Carbone

Redwan Chowdhury

Robert Crow

Thomas Curran

Jared DeSimone

Stephen Dewsnap

Giahnny Dormevil

Jesse Escobedo

Christopher Femino

Christian Fitzpatrick

Cameron Flaherty

Richard Foscarota

Andrew Gagnon

Robert Ghergurovich

Douglas Goodwin III

Martynas Gravell

Daniel Hackett

Robert Hackley

Samuel Hanna

Shiqian Hao

Kevin Jolicoeur

Kevin Julian

Minyi Li

Matheus Lima

Zekai Lin

Chengxiang Lou

Wilfredo Martinez

Joseph Meuse

John Moraes

Jake Morrow

Minh Nhat Nguyen

Vinny Nguyen

Jorge Ortiz

Alexander Pacy

Bronson Petrillo

Frankie Pimental

Jake Reilly

Daniel Rodriguez

Modesto Rodriguez

Anthony Rongone

Luis Rubiera

Ryan Saint Fort

Bernardo Sanchez

Luke Silvestri

Nicholas Sparages

Robert Spoto

Tue Van Thai

Isaac Toscano

Jonathan Tran

Thomas Tran

Duy Thuc Trinh

Sebastian Vasquez

Devin Williams

Daniel Wu

Zhennan Wu

Jimmy Zhao

Yichong Zhong

Second Honors - Boys Program

Ayoola Adeleke

Derek Aquino

Giovanni Avescat

Felipe Barria

Michael Bartolotta

Ty Blumberg

Dorian Bourguignon

Daniel Bousquet

Parker Bower

Brenden Brown

Timothy Buckley

Michael Cagno

Ralph Carbone

Anthony Caruso

Jayden Castano

Zhiyuan Chen

Ryan Constantino

Matthew D'Antona

Aaron DaSilva

Matthew DiLibero

Matthew Doyle

Thomas Dussault

Ross Dyer

Zehua Fan

Anthony Felder Jr.

Seth Ferreira

Samuel Fosdick

Christopher Gill

Om Gohel

James Guinee

Jake Haggerty

Ryan Hanscom

Aung Hein

Anthony Hogan

Devin Hong

Kenneth Jean-Charles

Adam Kozelian

Zachary Laverdure

Zihan Li

Maxwell Lindbergh

Matthew LoPriore

Marvens Luc

Temidayo Lukan

Daniel Luongo

Michael MacCuish

Andrew Maher

Cameron Marino

Nicholas Martinez

Daniel Maynard

Trevor McDonough

Joseph Meola

Stephen Mineo

Hugh Murphy

Sean Noonan

Matthew O'Brien

Zachary O'Connell

Dylan O'Malley

Luke Overgaag

Nikolas Paganis

Diego Portal

Vincenzo Prestia

Conor Prousalis

Patrick Radochia

Zak Rizzo

Tyler Ruff

Tyler Russo

Matthew Schwarze

Matthew Shao

Tomaz Silveira

Jared Sinatra

Domenic Smigliani

Nikolas Sofronas

Christopher Stevens

Brady Sullivan

Ethan Tracy

Ian Walsh

Jiayang Wang

Andrew Webb

Kameron Young

Wentao Yu

Anthony Zannella

Gyaviira Zimaze

Dear Honor Roll Students, 

Congratulations on making the Honor Roll for the 3rd quarter.  This is a true honor and a great personal accomplishment.  Your hard work and perseverance has paid off!  I know this took a tremendous amount of effort and determination to achieve such a challenging goal especially now during these difficult times.  I am inspired by your motivation to realize this goal. 

Your outstanding academic excellence serves as an example to so many at Malden Catholic.  Your commitment to excellence is certainly a clear indicator of the effort you will put into further goals in life.  You should be extremely proud of your work. 

Please share this letter and your certificate with your parents. I know that they will be very proud to hear the great news. Your parents are partners with us at MC in helping you to achieve success.  They have modelled and instilled in you the importance of hard work, faith, and kindness.   Please thank them for all that they do for you.

Once again, congratulations on making the Honor Roll:  

Headmaster’s List - All grades above 90% or higher

First Honors - All grades at 85% or higher

Second Honors- All grades at 80% or higher

I wish you continued success and look forward to seeing your name on the honor roll list for the 4th quarter as well.


Ms. Lisa Cenca

Headmaster's List - Girls Program

Gabriella Andujar

Angelina Ang

Lily Baglio

Annasstegiah Berard

Kylie Bragg

Courtney Casaletto

Marnie Clavel

Laura Daltoe

Grace Damico

Isabella De La Gala

Paige Dell'Arciprete

Alexa DoVale

Julia Duarte

Katie Erazo

Abigail Frye

Brianeliz Gomez

Olivia Gowrie

Olivia Hart

Julia Kruse

Emma Lafontaine

Brooke Langis

Jasmine Lee

Anya Levoshko

Kayla Louis Jacques

Lorianna Luongo

Aine MacCumascaigh

Chloe MacDonald

Angie Mejia

Xamantha Mejia

Carolina Munera Restrepo

Stacy Namaga-Bulega

Amy Nguyen

Kimberly Nguyen

Lily Nguyen

Isabella Paragona

Emma Pohl

Suchita Poudel

Karina Rahman

Marina Ribeiro

Adriana Rice

Rocio Rodriguez Cabarcas

Elena Rotondo

Bridget Scibelli

Samantha Seeley

Ailish Sullivan

Nguyen Hai Chi Vu

Marjorie Welton

First Honors - Girls Program

Alexa Alcindor

Christina Autilio

Kelis Bragg

Chrisnie Clerge

Emily D'Alba

Olivia Davis

Gianna DeFrancesco

Alexandra DeNisco

Sarah Duffaut

Alondra Enciso Torres

Julia Federiconi

Eavan Flood

Isabel Gamache

Hannah Gately

Olivia Goff

Amaya Griffin

Grace Hoag

Kayla Jackson

Emelle Jacob

Madelyn Johnson

Claudia Minacapilli

Aurelie Neptune

Caroline Pham

Jenna Pittore

Gia Polci

Samantha Ripley

Lilyanna Romero

Kayley Ryan

Olivia Sullivan

Brianna Tong

Madison Turner

Mailia Wornum

Second Honors - Girls Program

Isabela Alvarez Rodriguez

Sandra Aranha

Julia Barringer

Shannon Bellofatto

Hannah Burton

Francesca Callahan

Nadia Carbone

Sofia Cavuoto

Sarah Cirame

Caitlin Connarton

Kayla Francillon

Stacie Gomes-Akmal

Susan Hobart

Ava Imbrescia

Francisca Landaverde

Isabella Langis

Niamh MacCumascaigh

Evelyn Maradiaga

Ava Martinez

Lily Mineo

Emma Morrow

Frederika Noel

Danyka Perreault

Kaylea Poirier

Madelyn Ragucci

Wilhelmine Remy

Isabella Saunders

Janessa Sikora

Gianna Spadafora

Pauline Turk

Nicole Uribe Lopez

Xhenisa Zajmi