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Senior Portrait: Andreas Sofronas

"Malden Catholic is more challenging than other schools.  We do things differently, especially when it comes to service.  But I feel very prepared for college and I'm blessed to have been able to attend MC and truly live up to our motto Plus Ultra." 

Senior Andreas Sofronas proudly reflects on what it means to be graduating from Malden Catholic this May.  While still undecided about where he will go to school, Andreas knows that MC has prepared him to succeed no matter what path he chooses.   

Andreas sat down with us to talk about his Greek roots, his favorite MC memories, and how the Brother Kevin Program made a huge difference in his success as a student. 


Bilingual in English and Greek, Andreas grew up in Wakefield, MA.  Andreas' father owns a granite company and his mother runs the household.  His younger brother Niko is a sophomore at Malden Catholic.  Andreas describes his family as close-knit and says they often watch movies together and go out to dinner.  Every year, his family spends one month in Greece to "see family we haven't seen in a while and embrace the culture and heritage."   

When Andreas was younger, he attended Greek school for six years – something he is very proud of today.  In his spare time, Andreas enjoys playing soccer, fishing, the outdoors, and spending time with family. 

College Plans

While Andreas has been accepted to his top choice school in Stonehill College, he has not decided where he will go in the fall.  So far, he has also been accepted to Merrimack, St. Anselm's, and Suffolk. Although Andreas is undecided about what he wants to study, he says he is leaning towards business.  "I grew up around business," said Andreas when asked why he may want to go that route.  "My grandfather owns Honey Dew Donuts, and my father owns a company.  

"Business is what I know, and I think I could really excel if I decided to study it," said Andreas. 

Brother Kevin Program

Andreas was a member of the Brother Kevin Program at Malden Catholic, and he could not be more thankful for the opportunity.  Pioneered a decade ago by now School for Girls Principal Lisa Cenca, the Brother Kevin Program at MC responds to the individual needs of 9th and 10th grade students whose personal learning styles and academic profiles indicate they will benefit from additional support as they approach college preparatory classes. 

For Andreas, he credits Ms. Cenca for helping improve his organizational skills.  

"What I really needed was help with organizing and this program and Ms. Cenca helped with that," said Andreas.  "The binder system made a huge difference in how I organized my time and work and it's helped me throughout my four years here." 

Andreas says the Brother Kevin Program also improved his time management skills.  "Instead of putting things off to the last second, I would tell myself 'let's do this now,' and then I would do an assignment.   

"This method of time management also improved my grades because if I had an assignment due on Wednesday, I would complete it on Monday, bring it in for review on Tuesday and then make any corrections before I handed it in on Wednesday. 

"This program definitely helped me succeed by making positive changes to how I get things done," said Andreas. 

Clubs and activities

Throughout his time on Crystal Street, Andreas was a member of the soccer team for all four years, as well as a member of Lancers in Action.  He also wrote for the Crystal 99 Newspaper.  Last year, Andreas wrote a preview of the upcoming Italy trip; this story, he says, was his favorite to write.  During his senior year, Andreas joined Model Bridge with his brother, something he says was a great bonding experience for both. 

Paying it forward: 

As a member of Lancers in Action, Andreas says service is important to him.  "I think it's great to help others who need it the most," said Andreas.   

"A small portion of my time can mean a lot more to someone else," he added.  "So I never minded volunteering to help out." 

While Andreas is heavily involved in service on campus, he also makes it a point to do things for others in his free time.  "My grandparents don't get too many phone calls," said Andreas.  "So I try and call them as often as I can.  Like I said, it's a small portion of my time, but it makes their day." 

Growing up: 

Andreas says he changed the most during his freshman year due in part to revising his organizational and time management skills.  But while Andreas credits his freshman year for growing academically, he also saw a big change his junior year when his younger brother Niko would also attend Malden Catholic. 

"I was nervous for him to come to MC because I was so comfortable here and I didn't know how it would affect me," said Andreas.  "But I got used to it and in the morning I would walk by his classroom to check in and see if he needed anything.  I was always playing the role of big brother to make sure he didn't get into any trouble," Andreas said with a laugh. 

Now, Andreas says he's happy his younger brother followed him to MC.  "I told him he actually has to work hard.  I mean, he's a smart kid, but MC is about more than brains.  My parents saw how successful I was and wanted my brother to have the same opportunity," said Andreas.  "I'm glad we will get to forever bond over our MC experience." 

Favorite MC memories: 

Andreas says he made the most memories his freshman year, because that's when he made the most changes in his life.  "I went into high school really nervous," said Andreas.  "But then I saw how well I did freshman year, so I followed the same path the last three years and I excelled." 

But like all students, Andreas does have some particularly fun memories as well.  "Freshman year soccer was awesome because we were all new.  It was fun to just be on a team and have this community since all of us were from different cities and towns," said Andreas. 

"I also loved MCLI," said Andreas.  "There were kids I didn't know and then we got to know each other through MCLI and I ended up making new friends that I would see outside of the classroom. 

"Everything I've been involved with has been a great memory," said Andreas. 

"I'm going to miss Malden Catholic, especially the teachers and students" said Andreas.  "But now I have the tools to succeed at the next level." 

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