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Malden Catholic’s Exceptional Distance Learning Creates Demand for Fall Admissions

Malden Catholic students completed a full curriculum and uninterrupted academic programming throughout the spring as the school seamlessly shifted to an exceptional Distance Learning model in March 2020. The school provided interactive, academically challenging classes taught by veteran teachers on a secured Zoom platform after the onset of COVID-19, closing for only a single transition day on March 13. As a result, the school has seen a tripling of the normal transfer demand since June with a record-high number of applications and growing waitlist. Currently, Malden Catholic expects to open the school year with nearly 650 students across 4 classes of boys and 3 classes of girls and only a few seats remain available for transfer students in specific classes.

“Staying ahead of the curve and keeping students’ minds engaged was the objective of Malden Catholic’s Distance Learning strategy,” commented Headmaster John K. Thornburg. “We are delighted to offer an exceptional academic option for the fall with a Hybrid Model that will allow our students complete fall courses utilizing the ideal combination of in-person and Distance Learning experiences.” Malden Catholic is committed to educating the whole person and believes that live classroom instruction is optimal for the growth and education of our students. After working with several experts in the medical field, Malden Catholic constructed a Hybrid Model that will maintain the standard CDC guidelines of 6 feet of social distancing while allowing every MC student to come to school 2-3 days/week to participate in live classroom studies. Teachers will be live in the classroom 4 days/week.

In addition, Malden Catholic continued with Distance Learning offerings during the summer. The school developed a robust offering of 13 classes in the Summer Program with over 200 participating students from the Boston area for students grades 7 – 11. Students could choose from a broad course selection offering including the following: SAT Prep, Algebra I, Python Programming, STEM, 3D Printing, Girls Leadership, Bridging the Gap for Science, Public Speaking, College Application 101, 20th Century Fiction, a pre-course for AP Bio or Language Arts through Philosophy Texts.

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