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Crystal Street Spotlight: Matt Lee-Masiello '04

Not many people can say their birth was announced on the MC intercom during a school day, but one person who can is School Counselor Mr. Matt Lee-Masiello.

“My family has been a part of the Malden Catholic community for the past 37 years. My mother, Angela Lee, has been a member of the English Department, a department chair, a summer school director, an NHS moderator, and more for much of that time,” said Matt, who graduated from MC in 2004.

Though he was told that he accompanied his mother to summer school every day when he was an infant, Matt’s earliest MC memories consist of helping his mother set up her classroom before the start of each school year, as well as attending pastas for the poor, art shows, and various sporting events with friends and family.

“Malden Catholic is in my blood.”

While he grew up around the school and knew how much of a staple his mother was within the MC community, Matt says being a student while his mother was teaching was “interesting.”

“My younger brother Josh graduated from MC in 2009. Our classroom teachers always had easy access to our mom’s ear and were quick to let her know how we were doing both behaviorally and academically, so there was constant feedback on our progress in school.

“We never wanted to let her down,” added Matt.

After graduating from Assumption College in 2008 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and a concentration in Criminology, Matt started his career as a counselor at the Brandon School and Residential Treatment Center in Natick, Massachusetts.  “I have always enjoyed my work with adolescents. I worked at the Brandon School for five years prior to returning to Assumption in 2013 to enroll in a graduate program in School Counseling,” said Matt.

A few years later, he graduated with a Master’s Degree in School Counseling in 2016, and applied for an open position within MC’s School & College Counseling Department. “I was blessed to be hired and begin my role as a school counselor at Malden Catholic,” he reflected.

This added a new dimension to his relationship with his mother: co-workers and caretakers of the same Malden Catholic Mission.

“Having my mother as a colleague has been a uniquely pleasant experience,” said Matt.  “Since we work on completely opposite ends of the building, I don’t run into her very often, but when I do it’s always enjoyable.

“She has worked at MC for so long that it’s hard not to think of MC as an extension of our own family,” he added.

The familial feelings the Lee-Masiellos have toward Malden Catholic are mutual.  This year, Ms. Angela Lee, already a Ryken Award recipient, will be honored at the Annual Gala as a Brother Robert Sullivan, C.F.X. 1945 Medalist. And her son could not be prouder.

“She cannot go anywhere in public without seeing either former or current students or their parents,” said Matt.  “She has developed such a wonderful rapport with all of the students and their families over the years.

“I truly believe that the relationships she has developed with her colleagues, her students, and their families are most commendable. I have always admired her work ethic and dedication to the school,” said Matt.  “She is a very deserving recipient of the Brother Robert Sullivan, C.F.X., 1945 Medal, and I am extremely proud of her accomplishments.”

While influenced by his mother’s hard work and success, Matt has accomplished much in his own right.

In March 2018, he was awarded a Margaret Addis Memorial Scholarship by the New England Association for College Admission Counseling.  Nominated by Malden Catholic’s Director of School and College Counseling, Ms. Caitlyn Oates, Matt will attend NEACAC’s joint conference with the New York ACAC at Marist College in June on a full grant. The other benefit of being named a Margaret Addis Memorial Scholar is a one-year free NEACAC membership.

“This membership is not just for me, but for Malden Catholic,” said Matt.  “It is significant because all of my colleagues are able to share in the membership.” Benefits of this membership include having access to a wide professional network and numerous professional development opportunities for Malden Catholic’s School and College Counseling Team.

Summing up his feelings on being named an Addis Memorial Scholar, Matt put it this way: “Being recognized amongst my peers in the counseling field is incredibly rewarding, I feel that the hard work that I put into my work each day has not gone unnoticed.”

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