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Mission, Inclusion & History

Mission Statement

Malden Catholic is a codivisional, college preparatory high school. Sponsored by the Xaverian Brothers and guided by their spiritual values of simplicity, humility, compassion, trust and zeal, we inspire students to lives of service, leadership and excellence. An inclusive community of faith, Malden Catholic nurtures enduring personal relationships and life-long learning.

A Xaverian Education

Xaverian Brothers Sponsored Schools seek to inspire lives of learning, faith, and service. The years a student spends at a Xaverian Brothers Sponsored School will be marked by many things – challenging academics, rewarding opportunities for service, lifelong friendships, the lively camaraderie of athletics, and shared celebrations that strengthen faith. A Xaverian education is rooted in the tradition, mission, and values of the Xaverian Brothers. The values of humility, trust, zeal, compassion and simplicity are woven into all aspects of life at Malden Catholic.

It is in the small, seemingly insignificant moments - what Theodore Ryken, founder of the Xaverian Brothers, called “the ordinary, unspectacular flow of everyday life” - that a Xaverian man distinguishes himself. He is a faith-filled, compassionate, leader, thinker, and difference maker.

Community, Culture and Equity

One of our foundational beliefs at a Xaverian Brothers school is that we were all “created by the God of love in God's image and according to God's likeness, to be a unique expression of that love."

This conviction serves as our guiding principle as we continue our efforts to grow with regard to diversity, equity, and inclusion at Malden Catholic. With humility in our hearts and a fervent zeal for this important work, we strive toward a brighter and more just future for all. 
At Malden Catholic, we believe... 

  • We are created in God’s image and are called to be unique expressions of God’s love.  
  • We live with trust knowing that we are all endowed with dignity and worthy of respect.  
  • We embody humility by recognizing our own giftedness and the gifts of others.  
  • We value simplicity by choosing to learn from and stand with the poor, the weak, and the oppressed. 
  • We show compassion by accompanying others through life’s challenges and joys.  
  • We live with zeal by working for peace and justice in our community and throughout the world.  
  • We learn from the blessing of diversity in our community members.  
  • We listen with acceptance and dialogue with openness, learning from each other’s life experiences.  
  • We are a band of brothers and sisters; we are known, loved, and valued.  

The growth of our diverse school community includes students from multiple different countries who speak several different languages and represent various cultures, ethnicities and nationalities. It is our shared goal to build authentic relationships with one another as we live out the Xaverian Brother’s mission with fidelity. We also strive to make our students feel seen, valued and loved as they embark on their academic journey towards excellence.

The Dean of Community, Culture, and Equity at Malden Catholic helps our school community move forward with intentionality to become an equitable institution that prioritizes inclusion, access and representation for all students and families. The position also advances our community efforts and facilitates student voices around topics of diversity, equity and inclusion through the student Diversity and Inclusion Council. 

The CCE Committee also plays a pivotal role in the development of the strategic initiatives for the academic school year which includes opportunities to celebrate different ethnic cultures with parents and our school community at large.

Meet Our Xaverian Brother

Br. Thomas Puccio CFX, Ed.D., H'18

Br. Thomas Puccio CFX, Ed.D., H'18

Director of Mission Integration

History of Malden Catholic



Highland Avenue (1932-1968)

Crystal Street (1968-Present)

Donovan Field at Br. Gilbert Stadium (2015 Renovation)

Admissions Rally During Covid-19 (2021)

First Codivisional Graduation (2022)