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Headmaster's Page

Dear Friends,

Welcome to Malden Catholic High School, the codivisional high school offering life-changing opportunities for young men and young women.  I am excited that you decided to take a closer look at our school and believe you will recognize the unique design and intention our codivisional model offers.  This model demonstrates a deep understanding of the needs of boys and girls and provides a pedagogically sound answer on how to meet those needs.  We are committed to bringing out the best in every student in a caring, nurturing environment where students are known and belong.  Going above and beyond for the students who enter our doors is the Malden Catholic way, or, as we like to say – Plus Ultra! (Latin for “more beyond!”) 

Codivisional means we have two academic divisions within the school – one for boys and one for girls.  Our educational model is single-gender, not coeducational.  The added value comes in the opportunities for both divisions to interact in structured social interactions such as spirit rallies and all-school masses.  The codivisional model offers the best of single-gender education while fostering healthy and positive relationships between boys and girls.  We are confident this is the strongest model to offer today’s students. 

We are a community that takes faith formation seriously.  Founded upon the Xaverian Brothers charism, we strive to role-model and emphasize the life-changing transformation that faith offers.  The theme for this school 2019-20 year chosen by our students is United in Spirit, Intent on One Purpose.  Taken from St. Paul’s Letter to the Philippians, the theme emphasizes the importance of the Xaverian spiritual value of humility in our relationships with each other.  Developing a strong spiritual theme which encourages faith development is important to us.  We believe faith is a critical part of today’s students reaching their full potential. 

At Malden Catholic, we value the importance of relationships!  The programs and opportunities we offer are outstanding, but central to everything we do are positive learning relationships.  We want to pass more than academic knowledge each and every day to your son or daughter.  The power of the relational dynamic of learning and the role it plays to change lives is crucial to what we do.  The lessons our students learn transcend the classroom and prepare them for the future. 

Within this community that recognizes faith and positive relationships as the key components of life-changing education stands our commitment to excellent in academics.  For over eighty-five years, it has always been our tradition to offer challenging coursework that meets students where they are.  Many of our graduates come back and tell us that a Malden Catholic education prepared them beyond their peers from other schools for their college coursework and professional endeavors.  

I encourage to you look further into a Malden Catholic education.  I know you will find us to be more beyond! 


John K. Thornburg