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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Launch of Malden Catholic School for Girls

What is co-divisional? Is this the same as co-ed?

Co-divisional means Malden Catholic will have two divisions – essentially two schools – under one school leadership. There will be a boys school and a girls school. Students will be in single-gender classrooms throughout the day, with healthy opportunities for socialization before and after school.

Why choose Co-Divisional?

Co-divisional high school offers the best of both worlds—a structured single-gender academic environment during the school day with healthy opportunities for young men and young women to be together in activities and clubs outside of school hours.  Students are able to focus on learning in the classroom, without social pressures.

What will the girls school be called?

We will continue to be Malden Catholic, with two separate schools: School for Girls and School for Boys.

What is the timing? When can students apply for admission?

We anticipate the first class of young women entering Malden Catholic in September 2018. The application cycle for that entrance will begin September 2017, but families are welcome to begin inquiring now to the Malden Catholic admissions office for more information.

What will be the admissions process for girls?

Young women will apply to Malden Catholic through the same process as boys. Students submit an application online, provide transcripts, and take the High School Placement Test. Applicants are also strongly encouraged to interview at Malden Catholic.

What will the tuition be?

Tuition will be the same for all students, regardless of gender. In the 2017-2018 school year, Malden Catholic tuition is $16,100.

Will there be scholarships or financial aid available?

Yes, MC offers need-based financial aid. An independent company, FACTS Management, provides our school with a financial needs assessment of each applicant, based on tax returns and other financial data. In addition, all accepted students are considered for academic merit scholarships based on entrance exam results and grade point average.

Will there be a sibling discount?

Malden Catholic does not offer a stated “sibling discount,” but families with more than one student at Malden Catholic are encouraged to apply for financial aid. Having multiple students enrolled at the school will be taken into consideration.

How many young women will you accept the first year?

We expect to enroll 50-75 students entering in September of 2018.

Will girls and boys be in the same building?

A separate wing for young women will be constructed from the previous on-site residence of the Xaverian Brothers. Not only will the new School for Girls feature brand new, top grade classrooms and technology, but it will also include a new Learning Commons (library).

What is happening with the commercial property across the street from Malden Catholic?

Malden Catholic is acquiring the property for future school expansion. Plans for usage of the site are currently in development.

Will the School for Girls have the same Academic Administration?

The academic administrations of the two divisions will be distinct but collaborative. We have just completed a successful search for a Principal of the Girls Division and are pleased to announce Lisa Cenca as Principal. Lisa is an experienced educator, holds Masters degrees from Boston College and Simmons, and is a strong advocate for single-gender education. Additional staffing needs are under consideration.

Will girls and boys be in the same classes? In the same honors classes?

Young men and young women will be in separate classes with the possible exception of some arts classes, such as Theatre and Choir, which benefit from having a mixed group.

Will girls and boys pass in the hallway?

No, not during school hours. Girls will be in a separate wing of the building.

Will girls and boys be together before or after school?

Yes, students may see each other outside the building as they arrive, and they may be involved in structured activities after school.

Will girls and boys use the same school buses?


Will there be dances and structured social interaction?


Will young men and young women attend the same masses?

Once or twice a year both schools will come together to celebrate mass, but most will be separate.

Will young men and young women participate in Campus Ministry activities (going to a food bank, volunteering at a school, etc.) together?

There will be some Campus Ministry activities reserved for boys or for girls, but there will also be opportunities for them to serve together.

Will students share the same teachers or will faculty be split by division?

Malden Catholic is blessed with excellent educators. We want to make sure that both girls and boys have the opportunity to learn from highly skilled teachers. In our initial year, some teachers will be teaching both boys and girls.

What facilities will young men and young women share? Cafeteria? Gym? Learning Commons?

As we launch, we anticipate that girls and boys will share auditorium, gym and fields.

Will students eat lunch together, or will boys and girls eat separately?

Boys and girls will initially eat separately.

Will students be together in clubs and activities?

Some clubs and activities will be combined others will not. This will be examined on a case by case basis.

What courses will be offered?

We will begin developing the curriculum for the girls school this summer, but will be providing the same rigorous education that we currently offer the boys.

Will Women’s Studies be offered?

There will be opportunities to learn about Women’s Studies, but there is no plan to offer an entire class on it. There will be specific programs designed to help encourage women’s leadership.

Will international students be accepted?

Not initially.

What sports will be offered?

We are currently in the process of identifying what sports will be offered in the first year, but we look forward to championship caliber womens’ athletics.

How will young women be prepared for college application?

The school counseling program for girls will be similar to that of the boys. In the first year, a new school counselor will be hired to work exclusively with girls.

Will young women need to wear a uniform?

Yes, all Malden Catholic students adhere to a dress code and have elements of a uniform. Details of style have not yet been determined for girls.

  • Thursday, November 30, 2017
    • Open House - School for Girls 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
  • Saturday, December 2, 2017
    • HSPT Test 8:00 AM

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