iPad FAQs

Why is Malden Catholic requiring students to have iPads?

Malden Catholic has implemented an iPad Initiative as part of our strategic plan to transition to a digital curriculum.  The new, mobile technology will transform learning and teaching at Malden Catholic.  There is no denying that we live during a period of cultural change with regard to how young people learn.  Today’s hand-held technology enables students to access and exchange information that we could not have dreamt of twenty years ago.

Will I Need to Purchase an iPad for My Son?

Yes, all students will be required to have an iPad Air 2, the 64GB & Wi-Fi model or newer.   It is also recommended that you consider purchasing either an Apple Care+ warranty or a third party warranty.  We also suggest that you purchase an OtterBox Defender Series Case for iPad Air, or a similar type of protective case, to protect your investment.

What will teachers do differently?

Teachers will enhance their instruction by:

  • providing access to creative digital resources that engage students
  • creating eBooks, video lectures, simulations
  • promoting activities that support collaboration, inquiry and problem-solving
  • creating stronger interactions with students in class and outside of the classroom time

What will student do differently?

Students will enhance their learning by:

  • taking notes, highlighting and annotating key information while reading a document
  • taking virtual field trips
  • accessing resources beyond the textbook
  • spending more class time on building deeper learning rather than rote recall
  • increasing quality interactions with teachers and with other students
  • developing their communication skills
  • working and learning from anywhere at any time

Will students still use traditional textbooks?

Students will use a combination of printed and digital textbooks this year.  As publishers of High School textbooks transition from printed textbooks to eBooks, Malden Catholic too is transitioning from paper to digital textbooks.  Malden Catholic is committed to increasing the number of texts available in digital format as the publishers continue to develop and release them.

Will students be able to load/keep personal items on the iPad?

Yes, students will be allowed to load/keep personal items on their personal iPads as long as they meet the following criteria:

  • Is not obscene, offensive, and conforms to the rules and regulations of Malden Catholic’s iPad Acceptable Use Policy.  Each student will receive a copy of this policy at the iPad Orientation Session at the end of August.
  • Does not interfere with the ability to perform the iPad functions.

How can I be sure that my student is using the iPad appropriately when he is not at school?

Many parents may have legitimate concerns about students using iPads appropriately and responsibly outside of school. Below are some suggestions from parents on how they addressed their concerns.

  • Communicate with the teachers. Ask what kinds of activities you should be expecting to see your child doing for homework on the iPad and how much time you should be expecting your child to spend on homework overall.
  • Set Usage Limits. Even though the school is providing this wonderful learning tool, it is still not healthy for your child to be buried in the screen all night. You may get push back but that's partly based on the age of the students. Children internalize more of what you say than you may realize.
  • Have the iPad charge in a common room in your house (i.e., kitchen, family room) but not in the bedroom. This way you can assure your child is not spending all night on the iPad.
  • Set a time limit. iPad use needs to end at whatever time you feel is appropriate.
  • Establish a homework area for use of the iPad such as the kitchen rather than an isolated area.
  • Check in with your children a couple of times while they are doing their homework on the iPad. Try not to make it a “policing” event but more of a “show me how you are using it and what you are doing.” 
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