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Apparel Store

Universal Screening Studio in Everett, MA is our new official online apparel store for purchasing MC-monogrammed shirts, hats and pullovers.  Listed below, as per MC's Parent/Student Handbook, Section 17, is the Dress Code that all students are expected to follow.


 eTechCampus (formerly eCampus) is our official online bookstore for selling new and used textbooks.  eTechCampus provides parents and students a convenient, user-friendly shopping experience at their customized online bookstore. Beginning Monday, August 1st, the online bookstore will be live! Please take advantage of free shipping for the week of August 1-7, 2016.

Dress Code

We have made our dress code consistent and complementary to our educational goals.  We trust that it best serves the image of Malden Catholic and our students.  It is our belief that an important part of the educational experience requires a student’s attention to his personal appearance.  We also maintain that our students should understand the meaning of situation-appropriate attire.  Therefore, neatness and cleanliness are the prevailing considerations.

Students are required to be in dress code during the entire school day, and when they are conducting official school business.  

PANTS:  Chino, “Docker-type” pants or dress corduroy only. Pants must be of solid color, free of designs or embroidery work. No jean styles, cargo or painters pants, no cut or altered pants. 

BELTS:  Leather belts in black or brown must be worn.  No suspenders.

SHIRTS:  An MC-monogrammed solid color, long or short sleeve button-down Oxford shirt or an MC-monogrammed polo shirtpurchased only from the MC bookstore.  Shirts must be buttoned up to (but not including) the top button and must be tucked neatly in one’s pants.

MC LOGO APPAREL:  MC logo apparel only may be worn over a regulation MC shirt. No other fleece or apparel is authorized. Turtleneck shirts may be worn underneath a regulation MC shirt. Students may not wear “overshirts” or long sleeved T-shirts under short sleeve shirts. Hooded sweatshirts are not allowed. Winter coats are not allowed. 

FOOTWEAR: Brown or black leather dress shoes or boat shoes are to be worn at all times. Students may not wear sneakers of any type, sneaker type casuals, canvas-style shoes, moccasins, or sandals.  All shoes must be tied.  Students may wear hiking boots during cold or inclement weather provided they are worn inside the pants and laced up.

PERSONAL APPEARANCE:  Students must be clean- shaven at all times.  Hair is to be neatly trimmed on all sides with the length not to exceed the top of the collar in the back and the eyebrows in the front.  There are to be no ponytails, no braiding of any kind, nor are there to be any designs shaved into the head. Hair length, style, color, or cuts that present an unkempt, ostentatious appearance, or that reflect poorly on the school will not be tolerated.  Students will be given a day to make the correction or face disciplinary action including suspension. Sideburns must be no longer than the bottom of the ear.  No extreme hair styles or hair colors.  Earrings and body piercing are not allowed (covered or uncovered).  Jewelry of any kind around the neck or wrist is limited to small chains.     Shell, rope, and large chain type necklaces and bracelets are not to be worn.

Hats are not to be worn in the building at any time during or after school hours or at any school function. 

* Tattoos:  Tattoos and body scarring are highly discouraged.  Any student with a previously existing tattoo must cover it at all times during the school day, and at all school-sanctioned activities.


* Tag Day Guidelines: Shaving rules apply. Sneakers or regular shoes must be worn. NO sandals or flip-flops. NO tank tops, sleeveless shirts, jewelry, or gym shorts.

No clothing containing alcohol, tobacco, sexual or drug references.

* Liturgies, Funerals, Semi-Formal and Other Events: All students must wear plain dress shirts and ties when the school community gathers for school wide liturgies or other occasions as announced by the Administration. When attending school funerals or wakes or other occasions announced by the Administration students are expected to be attired in in dress pants, dress shirt, tie and sport coat. Students are expected to be similarly attired at other formal events as announced by the Administration.


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