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Honor Roll

Malden Catholic High School is pleased to announce that the following students received honors for distinguished academic performance during the third quarter of the 2015-2016 school year:

Second Honors - all grades 80 percent and above.

First Honors - all grades 85 percent and above.

Headmaster’s List - all grades 90 percent and above.

Student NameGrade LevelAward
John Albanese11Headmaster's List
Cameron Albert11Second Honors
Eric Almquist10First Honors
Tyler Amato9First Honors
Kyle Anderson9First Honors
Phillip Antonucci IV12Second Honors
Joseph Armstrong10Second Honors
Sean Arria11First Honors
Cameron Arrigo11First Honors
James Augustin12First Honors
Daniel Barletta11Headmaster's List
Christian Barrasso9First Honors
Liam Barrett9Second Honors
Zachary Barry9First Honors
Kevin Batting10Second Honors
George Bidgood10Headmaster's List
Colin Blake12Second Honors
Derek Blanchard10First Honors
Matthew Bloom9Second Honors
Brian Bloom12First Honors
Connor Bond10Headmaster's List
Michael Bono10Second Honors
Kyle Borick10First Honors
Ian Brito9Second Honors
Patrick Brown10First Honors
Timothy Brown, Jr.12Second Honors
Christopher Cafferty11First Honors
William Cagno9Second Honors
Michael Cahill12Second Honors
Joseph Cameron12Second Honors
John Camozzi11Second Honors
Andrew Canario12First Honors
Zachary Capone10Second Honors
Nicholas Capraro11Second Honors
Angelo Carbone10Second Honors
Michael Carbone12Second Honors
Stephen Cardarelli11Second Honors
Rory Carrier9First Honors
Zachary Carvalho10Second Honors
Kyle Casey11First Honors
Noah Cheema11First Honors
Feifan Chen10First Honors
Navid Chowdhury10Second Honors
Michael Chrisemer10Second Honors
Brendan Christopher10Second Honors
Matthew Ciulla12Second Honors
Daniel Coelho11First Honors
Tanner Cohen10First Honors
Brian Coles11Second Honors
Aidan Collins9Second Honors
Justin Collins11Second Honors
Gerard Connolly10Second Honors
Ryan Connor12Second Honors
Nicholas Conti10Second Honors
John Corbett11Headmaster's List
Garphey Crevecoeur12Second Honors
Tyler Cristiano10First Honors
Joseph Crowley11First Honors
Yu Cui10First Honors
Lucas Cunha12Second Honors
Robert Curreri10Second Honors
Zhenghao Dai10Headmaster's List
Zimin Dai11Headmaster's List
Nicholas D'Amico11Second Honors
Nahom Daniel10Second Honors
Brendan Dao11First Honors
Lucas Dascoli9Second Honors
Ethan Davis10Second Honors
Colin DeAngelis9Headmaster's List
Michael DeFilippo10Second Honors
Mark Delory10Second Honors
Frederick DeNisco11First Honors
Luke D'Errico11Headmaster's List
Wencan Ding9First Honors
Max Doherty11Headmaster's List
Nolan Doherty11Second Honors
Matthew Dona12Second Honors
Thomas Donlan12Headmaster's List
Patrick Donnelly10First Honors
Ryan Donnelly10Headmaster's List
Timothy Donnelly12First Honors
Cameron Doyle12Second Honors
John Driscoll9Second Honors
Kevin Driscoll11First Honors
Zhaoyang Du11Headmaster's List
Robert Durant III12Second Honors
Alex Eaton11Second Honors
Dante Egizi11Second Honors
Matthew Farrell9Headmaster's List
Muhao Feng10Headmaster's List
Brendan Ferguson10Second Honors
Kellen Field11Headmaster's List
David Fisher11First Honors
Christopher Fitzgerald12Headmaster's List
Ian Fogarty12Second Honors
Ryan Foote9First Honors
James Frigoletto12Second Honors
Nathan Frye9First Honors
Bowen Fu11Headmaster's List
Justyn Garvin10Second Honors
Antonio Gerardi9Second Honors
Michaelangelo Gerardi12Second Honors
Anthony Giannino9Second Honors
Mason Glocke10First Honors
Corey Goldstein12Headmaster's List
John Graf12First Honors
Ryan Green10First Honors
Joseph Guarino11Second Honors
Nicholas Guerriero10First Honors
Liyuan Guo9Headmaster's List
Zehua Guo10Headmaster's List
Ziye Guo10Headmaster's List
Jiashu Han10Headmaster's List
Ryan Hanna10Headmaster's List
Erick Harkness10Second Honors
Colin Harvey12Headmaster's List
Troy Healy11First Honors
Riley Hennessey12Second Honors
Matthew Hirl11Headmaster's List
Kyle Holmes10Headmaster's List
Jacob Horrigan11First Honors
Runqing Hu11First Honors
Yitao Huang10Second Honors
Zhiyu Huang10Headmaster's List
James Hutchinson11Second Honors
Nicholas Iannuzzi10Second Honors
Candan Iuliano12Second Honors
Lucas Janzen11Second Honors
Kendrick Jean-Francois9Second Honors
Alexander Johnson10Second Honors
Matthew Johnston10Second Honors
Declan Jones10First Honors
Mohammad Jubeili12Second Honors
Harrison Jumper9Headmaster's List
Michael Kaczmarek9Second Honors
Zonglin Ke11Second Honors
Ryan Keleti10Second Honors
Cameron Kelly11Second Honors
Devin Kelly12Second Honors
Benjamin Kerrins9Headmaster's List
William Kezerian10First Honors
William Klonsky9First Honors
Nikolas LaMonica10First Honors
Brendan LaVallee12First Honors
Nguyen Le10Headmaster's List
Nicholas Leonce12Second Honors
John Leone10First Honors
Nicholas Leone12Headmaster's List
Adam Lew11Second Honors
Jiashu Li10Headmaster's List
Jiukan Li10Second Honors
Ian Libby10First Honors
Xuanyi Lin10First Honors
Brian Liwo12Headmaster's List
Dayou Lv11Headmaster's List
Zihan Ma10Second Honors
Spencer Maffei12First Honors
Shawn Maloney10Second Honors
Brendan Maloney11Second Honors
Joseph Marini Jr.11First Honors
Nicholas Marino11Second Honors
Joseph Markowski9Headmaster's List
Ronald Mastrocola12First Honors
Alexander Matossian12Second Honors
David Matteson9Second Honors
Jeffrey Matthews9Second Honors
Timothy Matthews11Second Honors
James Mawn9Headmaster's List
Benjamin Mawn10Second Honors
Cameron McGovern9Second Honors
Nolan McLaughlin11Second Honors
Alejandro Medina11Second Honors
Max Meier12Second Honors
Thomas Mello11Second Honors
Vincent Mitala10Second Honors
William Montgomery11Second Honors
Zachary Morgan10Second Honors
Shawn Morrow10First Honors
Michael Ssentongo Mugerwa11Headmaster's List
Andrew Murphy11First Honors
Nicholas Napoli11First Honors
Conor Noonan10Second Honors
Ryan Noonan10Second Honors
Owen Noonan12First Honors
John O'Brien III10Second Honors
Maguire O'Donnell9Second Honors
Sean O'Donnell12First Honors
Matthew O'Leary11First Honors
Derek Packard12Second Honors
Steven Palmacci Jr.9Second Honors
Samuel Palmisano11First Honors
Mark Panzini11Second Honors
Nicholas Papageorge12Second Honors
Emmett Parker11Second Honors
Reilly Peters12First Honors
Dylan Phung9First Honors
Cameron Pozark12Second Honors
Joseph Quatieri12Second Honors
Anthony Quiles9Second Honors
Zhenyuan Qun9Second Honors
William Ragucci9Second Honors
Tyler Ransom12Second Honors
Quinn Reynolds11First Honors
Henry Reznicek10Second Honors
Nathan Richards10Second Honors
William Riley Jr11First Honors
Zachary Robinson10Headmaster's List
Francis Ronayne10Headmaster's List
Michael Ronayne11First Honors
Caige Sadler12Second Honors
David Sarno10Second Honors
Andrew Scacchi9First Honors
Benjamin Scarpa12First Honors
Nicholas Scarpello9Headmaster's List
Christopher Schwarze11Headmaster's List
Kolbi Shairs12First Honors
Liam Shaughnessy11Second Honors
Wangtengyue Shen11Headmaster's List
Devon Sherman12Second Honors
Ryan Sherman12Second Honors
Jia Shi11Second Honors
Muping Shi11Headmaster's List
Liam Smith11Second Honors
Andreas Sofronas10Second Honors
Joshua Soldan11First Honors
Matthew Soucy9Headmaster's List
Michael Souza10First Honors
Joseph Spinosa11First Honors
Leonard St. Gourdin9First Honors
Andrew St. Gourdin11First Honors
Aiden Steckel10First Honors
John Stone10Headmaster's List
Kyle Sturniolo9Second Honors
Myles Sullivan9Headmaster's List
David Sullo9Headmaster's List
Vincent Swierk10First Honors
Richard Swierk11Second Honors
Edward Tan12Headmaster's List
Joseph Tansino12Headmaster's List
Brett Thomas10Headmaster's List
Edward Tolson10Second Honors
William Toomey10Second Honors
Will Tosi10Second Honors
Carson Tully10Second Honors
Michael Upton12Second Honors
Stephen Valente10Second Honors
Luke Ventola9Headmaster's List
Peter Ventola12First Honors
Paul Ventura10First Honors
Anthony Vidic10Second Honors
Colin Walsh10First Honors
Kevin Walsh12Second Honors
Jianwai Wang10First Honors
Jeffrey Wang11First Honors
Hao Wang12Second Honors
Joseph Ward9Second Honors
Jarrod Wardwell9Headmaster's List
Tyler Webb11First Honors
Michael Welton12First Honors
Brian Woods11Second Honors
Renhao Wu11Headmaster's List
Qin Xu12Headmaster's List
Yiqi Yan10Headmaster's List
James Zaccardo12Second Honors
Emery Zahner10First Honors
Cameron Zahner12First Honors
Yipeng Zhou10First Honors
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